Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


A lot can be said about President Trump and the state of the United States at this present time. Events can speak to us as a sign of the times and prompt us to consider who we are as persons and what it means to be a son and a member of the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God is a person and not a religion. It is life - the life of God in Jesus Christ incarnated in us personally and as the church. Much of what constitutes ‘godliness’ and ‘god-fearing’ can be a sorry parody of Christ in you and Christ as us. It can surface as an ideology that makes us look good and people we don’t like look bad.

Mere judgment of Trump is misplaced. It is also narrowly biased, defining righteousness mainly in terms of sexuality and its perversions. Or by some politico-religious position regarding Israel. Here is a case of being blind in one eye and not being able to see out of the other. Like when we insist on describing ‘good' with no regard to the rights of Palestinians and without reference to the meaning of the Kingdom of God under the new covenant. Or closer to home, in the economic sphere. Here we can give tacit assent to notions that ignore poverty and injustice and assert that private greed brings public good.

In Jesus is life and that life is the life of all.

It’s not moralistic to desire life to the full. It’s very human and comes from God. But life to the full comes from God in the person of Jesus Christ. He is our life and the life of the world. If we are serious about Godliness, about a better life and the end of chaos, it’s time we thought about living - living not in Christianity, but living in the person of Jesus. Living with Him as our life and the manifestation of the real us and the real humanity as the Kingdom of God.

Article on Trumpism and evangelical morality.