His life as your life


The denomination you belong to is not the key element in your effectiveness for God – assuming that our gospel is His gospel. The difference between a flow of spirit and life from our being and mere words is the difference between a hunger for Jesus to be our life Himself and a placid acquiescence in the status quo and an identity that we think we have – an identity stifled by the beliefs and the community we are used to.


Throughout my life I have been aware that there are people who are genuine and people are who superficial. The former have a ‘deep self’ that is grounded in a reality that is greater than themselves. There are people who have established a self entirely in things that do not really matter all that much – at least not as much as becoming who we were made to be and who we have been redeemed to become in this life. A real self is who we are formed into as a result of Christ in us and Christ with us. This is the only place of success in ‘being you’ and the only real definition of being a son/daughter of God.

There are other sincere souls who are almost entirely ‘human doings’ who fear that if they stop their activity their self will disappear. This is not their real self but the insurance policy they have adopted as a means of creating a real self.

Then there are others who have been too serious about themselves and have almost lost themselves and the joy of being as a result. I knew a person who sought godliness for Himself in the law. While he achieved some good in ministry he never rose above the morbidity that law-mongering imparts to an already melancholic temperament. He never became the real self that He could have been in a relationship with Jesus plus nothing. When Christ is our life our temperament is relevant only insofar as it becomes the medium through which the person of Jesus is expressed. The true self emerges in encounter and relationship with you and our Father. In Jesus you and our Father are one and you grow into your authentic self in the spirit of sonship.

Richard Rohr observes that reality does not exists outside of God – which is to say that reality is found when we are one with the being of Christ and never in externalities like the law.


Place does not exist except in God. There is no time outside God. God is the beauty in all beauty. Those who allow divine friendship enjoy divine friendship, and it is almost that simple. You are that which you are looking for, and that is why you are looking for it. God’s life and love flow through you as soon as you are ready to allow it. That is the core meaning of faith—to dare to trust that God could, will, and does have an eternal compassion toward you. Everyone who asked Jesus to heal them or help them had somehow made that simple act of trust that he cared—and so the flow happened and they were healed.” (1)

A healed life occurs as we believe and embrace our union with God, as we agree that our Adam has been undone and that Christ is our life. The healing of this fracture begins the new creation that is us and the church which is the Kingdom Age.

The new covenant is our life in the Second Adam. The new birth is the beginning of the real self and the maturing of the sons of God.

The genuine self does not exist apart from God. There is no real self apart from Jesus as our life. The self we attempt to make for ourselves through career and religion is not our real self. Our true self emerges from the adventure of life in partnership with Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit. It happens when we live in the fact that we are each the manifestation of the fullness of God – the trinity. When this relationship
is our state of being we becomes sons and daughters in spirit and in truth – not just by definition as a figment of the letter that shrinks.

(1) Rohr, Richard. Immortal Diamond: The search for our true self . SPCK. Kindle Edition.