His life as your life


Life in the Spirit is free and unconstrained. Yet it is not nebulous. It is not a vapour because it is Christ come in our flesh and as a result our humanity is enlarged and ignited with divine life – not pious life - but the spirit and life that Jesus distributed. This is the water of life in spirit and in truth. In the Spirit you are the manifestation of solid Kingdom Life. You are the expression of the trinity.


It is for this reason that what we consider as the church must be Jesus manifest as us and not Jesus as an institutionalised burocracy. I have stated before that what is often construed as the church is a manifestation of
the letter – a diluted, yet suffocating form of legalism that can deny life in the Spirit in the very act of healing the sick and speaking prophecy. We need to come to terms with the fact that a relationship with church may not be a relationship with God but a relationship with ourselves.


Paul spoke of Christ our life because His (Jesus) life has been ordained by heaven to be us. This is the incarnation in praxis. At the cross, Jesus threw the one ring into the fires of Mt Doom. Adam was made extinct and God was installed in human beings by the Spirit of the Son of Man. The Lord of the Rings is the story of a king and others who refused to toss the one ring into oblivion when they had the opportunity. Thus its carnal power kept re-constituting and resurfacing throughout the ages in the form of orcs and evil powers. It’s a parable of the post cross age.

What does it mean to deny the
one ring? It means that we cease being our life and rest in the fact that Christ will be our life. WE INVITE JESUS TO BECOME US as individuals and as the church. This is quite different to ‘living a good Christian life.’ It is incarnation. Incarnation is the supernatural manifestation of the trinity in you and as you.


Since the cross all can be the expression of our Father because we are woven into His being. Living from any ‘thing,’ any abstraction, any system of belief, from legalism or from a Christian performance mentality denies God, dishonours the cross and denies who we can be in Christ: The sons of God. Living from institutions and constructs congeals us into that which we are not. How often have we groaned as sincere leaders attempt to fit people into a slot to carry out a church agenda? Here misguided but sincere members try to serve in roles for which they are not suited and have no real desire to fulfil, except as a result of an imposed sense of duty. When the Son sets us free we will be really free.


The gifts added to Adam are a monstrosity. The gifts added to Moses will fade and disappoint. The anointing and gifts are the branches and fruit of Christ as you. With Jesus as our life we are rebirthed and re-created into the persons we really are. We become the sons who were foreseen when the trinity thought us into being and the daughters we actually are as we are drawn into our identity in Jesus. This is why the new covenant version of ourselves as the expression of Christ is a must and the Adamic distortions of old covenant ways of being must be abandoned. It is only as we rest in the fact of Christ our life that we can be who we really are as sons and daughters of God. In this course of action we become the church that is Christ multiplied and the Enemy defeated.

None of us need die as babies when we can all start the next part of our life as sons and daughters of God.

Coming to terms with our type is a rite of passage, a sacred experience that should be owned by each of us when we are ready for it. Additionally, for the first few decades of life, we’re still coming into our own sense of self, stretching the limits of our personalities and psyches. Having the freedom to do that without our type being assumed for us by a caregiver [or significant other] allows necessary personal development to remain unhindered.’ (1)

It also propels the Kingdom of God because it allows all to be the community of kingly priests who reign and are fruitful in their sphere.

(1) Heuertz, Christopher L.. The Sacred Enneagram: Finding Your Unique Path to Spiritual Growth (p. 58). Zondervan. Kindle Edition.