His life as your life



We have been talking about the vital power of the new covenant and incarnation. Without this oneness with God much if what we do can be well-meant ‘something and nothing.’ The gifts and the signs of the Spirit do not constitute life in the Spirit. Life in the Spirit is life in the new covenant. Jesus urged that we never embark on a venture without the empowerment of Holy Spirit. Living in new covenant union with God we are equipped to receive Holy Spirit without limit. To live in the new covenant is simply to live in our inheritance as sons/daughters of God.

When we speak of the spirit of sonship we are assuming that we have embraced our adoption in Father, that separation is over and that we and Father are one. This is the ground of our being and the soil of the anointing.


Each member of the trinity is a distinct person with a unique way of expanding the Kingdom. Jesus statement is premised on some key facts of the new covenant. Firstly that we have been made one with God and possess the intimate fellowship that each of the trinity enjoy with each other. Secondly our oneness with God is unconditional. It is ours forever, based on Jesus’ performance and not ours. Thirdly the union we have been given is an interweaving of being - the merging of our being with the being of God, yet leaving both parties as unique persons. Thus the heavenly family are able to express themselves through us without manipulation or control - but in a manner in which we remain totally ourselves, doing what we love to do and what Jesus is suggesting we do.


It will be seen that life in the Spirit is a life of union with God. Not something independent with a life of its own. Spiritual gifts and life in the Spirit are analytically distinct but flow properly from union with God. The gifts grow out of the life which is our union with God. It is for this reason that we need to ensure that we are living in our gifted union, our inheritance of sonship and not in old covenant law-keeping and separation. Tied to the law we are not in the Spirit. We should rid ourselves of such illusions because such mindsets insulate us from the flow of His spirit and life.


Should we be captured by even one strand to the law, the gifts will sputter and can generate conflict between the flesh and the spirit or even be polluted by unclean spirits. Our calling is 100 percent spirit and never mixture. Dr Stephen Crosby writes,

The prophetic spirit is more than predicting the future, or "reading someone's mail." It is a bursting forth, evidence of the glory of the new relationship Christ has wrought for the believer with the Father. The glory of Christ shared with believers is the inhabitation, inworking and outworking of the Spirit of sonship. In Christ, at last, God found a Man in whom His glory could dwell bodily, no longer limited to a gold plated box in a tent, and the staggering wonder of the new covenant is that He shares that glory with those who are His!” (1)

This is the amazing fact of your life in God. The primary example of the manifest presence of God where you are is you!

(1) Crosby, Stephen. The New Testament Prophet: Understanding the Mind, Temperament, and Calling (Kindle Locations 1117-1121). . Kindle Edition.