His life as your life


The parable of The Sower is very good news. It is not a rebuke to those burdened by addictions and favourite sins. It’s a story about where we need to root ourselves to express the life of Father. The even better news than the good news is that we need not engage in a life-long effort to receive Christ. We have been received into His life. Live in the dep soil in which we have been rooted.

Grow from where you have been planted and woven into God.
A life of struggle in sin consciousness will shrivel you. A life that is Christ with you and as you will mature you as a son/daughter of God.

Jesus is the Sower the seed and the soil. He came into the world as the Seed who is planted in the presence of God; the seed who is our bridge to our fellowship in the trinity and the Seed who is you and I – the seed who has embedded us in Himself in infinite and eternal life.


A friend once remarked that the Bible says, ‘Obey and Live.’ I agreed then as I did not know any better. I did not know that in the new covenant the deal was you are rooted in My Life to bear fruit to the trinity in whom you have been planted. There’s a creation of difference in being in Adam and Jesus. One is separation and slavery and the other is union with God and growing in sonship.

All soils not Christ are barren granite, swathes of rock. Christianity is not necessarily Christ. Christ is Christ and in Him you are you. There are vast swathes of rock in the Strathbogie’s north of Melbourne. The ‘bogies’ are a parable of the law driven man and woman. The law will never make us human let alone a son of God.

No ‘partisan gospel’ seed comes from God and grows us in God. All weeds are variations, distortions and other gospels - cunningly presented lies that pose as the gospel of Jesus. They choke the simplicity of the incarnation and replace it with the weeds of religion: These are well-honoured perversions of the truth that leave us in separation from God. But our inheritance is union and interwoveness with the trinity.


In this garden with its infinitely deep soil, there is spirit and life flowing from the life-hub of the universe into you. And not in an abstract sense but personally from Father, Holy Spirit and Jesus to you. Immersed in God you become you. We grow out of the artificial self we made in Adan/Moses to the self we really are in Jesus. Living from the law we cannot help but make a thing of externalities and live in them. When Christ is our life He becomes us.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. Or not. We can immunize ourselves with our partisan gospel and still go to heaven. But we will spend our lives here as well-meaning workers who did their best in religion but who never attained more than 5 percent of their sonship on this earth in the body.

If you have a daughter or a son you will know that they are part of the being of you and your wife. Similarly we are part of the being of the trinity. We came from their womb and we have been brought back into union with them as adult companions by their enterprise.


This union is more real than just assent.
You will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. You will realize this in the teaching of Jesus and the apostles. Probably not if your attention has been diverted by altered gospels and polluted water. An insightful scholar overserved that there is a reason for the current political chaos in America, Britain and Australia. He said, ‘People don’t know they are stupid because they are stupid.’ This of course is just a re-statement of ‘where there is no vision the people perish.’

God is not far away. He is not separate from us. He has joined our humanity and is in us personally. Our part is to agree with this and possess our inheritance of union with God. St Athanasius writes,
What, then, was God to do? What else could He possibly do, being God, but renew His Image in mankind, so that through it men might once more come to know Him? And how could this be done save by the coming of the very Image Himself, our Saviour Jesus Christ? Men could not have done it, for they are only made after the Image; nor could angels have done it, for they are not the images of God. The Word of God came in His own Person, because it was He alone, the Image of the Father Who could recreate man made after the Image. In order to effect this re-creation, however, He had first to do away with death and corruption. Therefore He assumed a human body, in order that in it death might once for all be destroyed, and that men might be renewed according to the Image. The Image of the Father only was sufficient for this need.” (1)
Grace is much more than be accounted righteous. Grace is His life as ours in every way. In Jesus we always belong. We are growing into His likeness and always covered by His life as ours.
As sons we are renewed in Jesus’ image because He lives in us. He is woven into our being in the Spirit and as result God becomes who we are. Thus George and Mavis become the expression of God.
Apart from this there is no law. Why would there be? What could be better than God becoming you? No. You don’t become God. But we do become sons in spirit and in truth.

(1) St. Athanasius. On the Incarnation - Enhanced Version (pp. 15-16). Christian Classics Ethereal Library. Kindle Edition.