His life as your life


The normal religious life is a compartmentalised life. It’s normal because it’s the mode of the knowledge of good and evil. If we are living in religion, even in Christianity we will be living in this segmented unreality dividing it up into holy and unholy, sacred and secular, sabbath and non-sabbath. It’s not God’s normal. It is sub-normal.


But this is not the normal Christian life in which we live in God. Since the cross we have a Sabbath life – a life that is unified, whole and holy and a life in in which we are entirely at rest because we have found our being/self in God. In this life we are one with God and now have the capacity to be a channel of His life into all we do at any place and at every time. In Him we live, move and have our being and enjoy ‘His being us’ in us, manifesting as Joy, Sam and Neville. We live in God and are one with God. This is the real meaning of sons.

You are not expected to live in compartments, in bits and pieces, thimbles and rabbit burrows because you have a life in God and YOU ARE HIS LIFE.

If we have some good teachers, we will learn to develop a conscious nondual mind, a choiceful contemplation, some spiritual practices or disciplines that can return us to unitive consciousness on an ongoing and daily basis. Whatever practice it is, it must become “our daily bread.”” (1)

How does it become our daily bread? ‘Those who eat Me will live because of Me’. ‘Unless you eat My flesh and drink my blood you have no life in you.’ What is this eating? It’s simply living the incarnation. It’s being you in God. It’s living in oneness with God so that you are manifest as the new creation that is you every minute of your life – and this without stress, striving and religiosity of any kind. In this way of living you are the sacrament. You are the sacrament of Christ your life.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Universal Christ (p. 209). SPCK. Kindle Edition.