His life as your life


For some time we have been used to politicians and others striving to prolong vested interests using ‘spin.’ Things that happen or are imagined to happen in the future are construed and spoken of in a biased way that varies from a mere difference in perspective to institutionalised lying.


In the godless sphere truth is found in the accumulation of evidence and in a sound and proper interpretation of the consequences. This applies also in theology. But with an addition. It’s not found in the epistemology of the knowledge of good and evil. It comes by the Spirit of Revelation and wisdom. God’s truth is not information and never a function of the knowledge of good and evil. God’s truth as in ‘original truth’ is God, meaning the trinity. The manifestation of that truth among human beings is Jesus Christ and those for whom Jesus is life. This truth has nothing to do with law and everything to do with relationship – meaning the incarnation and Christ in you.

There are people about, of integrity and honour who are not intellectually lazy or sold out to vested interests. They speak the truth in love because truth is love whether we are Believers or otherwise. Truth is life.

‘In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind’ John 1.4 NIV.


These days the words ‘fake news’ has come into common use. But too often the news is not fake but evidence of the kind that exposes the words of demagogues and climate change deniers as purveyors of self-centred nonsense – a revelation that the deniers are not about too abide. So they go one step further and propose an even greater stupidity: The notion of false facts.

Curiously the response of some leaders to the drying up of the Darling River and the spectacle of thousands upon thousands of dead fish has been to deny the culpability of those who did it – those who pumped all that water out of the river or siphoned it off into their own vast paddock of greed before it flow down the river. Drought or no drought, the cause of the disaster is the extraction of more water than there is in the river. The reasons for this folly range from an understandable desire to make a living to avarice and venality. Why do people so readily extinguish the hand that could feed them?


Why do segments of the Christian church attach themselves to beliefs that are ‘no gospel at all’ even as these very beliefs wither their souls, starve their spirits and hinder the advance of the Kingdom of God?

A most debilitating belief is living out of the law and the old covenant in the new covenant age. Another is the fastening on to specious notions like cessationism and along with it the denial of the relevance and need of the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Another is the fiction that the church of God manifests as institutionalism when clearly the church Jesus builds is the manifestation of Himself as people. The worst fiction promoted by the church is that we represent a kingdom of morality when Jesus’ message is simply ‘Come to me, you will find rest for your souls and I will be your life.’


A woman at a Christian school startled the other staff members by asserting that anything that is not an expression of Jesus Christ is a waste of time. She was right of course. Paul called it ‘dung.’ The life of God is not in His stuff. It’s Jesus Himself manifest as us.

When we can live as incarnated beings in our inheritance we will see the life of God,. This life will ignite the things we work on and the gifts of the Spirit will maintain themselves as flames of living fire. Flames of life instead of sputtering and dying out because they have no root. No root on account of the fact that we are living in an imagined separation from God and a religious culture is promoting a cunningly devised fable. The lie that the establishment is ‘the way’ to union with God: The union with God that every Believer already possesses.


So why do masses of people live from ideas that are manifestly untrue? The short answer is because they want to. A longer answer is that in their hearts they think they have too much to lose by believing the truth. They feel they will lose an imagined identity. They fear they might lose a bogus status based on the conceit they are something special and that they have some corner on truth. But it’s not it’s a perverted gospel that makes whole people cripples.

A useful answer to our addiction to fables can be found in the writing of Walter Lippmann and others. It is clear enough. observes Lippmann that under certain conditions men respond as powerfully to fictions as they do to realities, and that in many cases they help to create the very fictions to which they respond. This can be seen in the phenomena where large elements of Christian teaching contradict the gospel of the Kingdom and in some cases where entire denominations are founded on a lie.


Fictions, Lippmann is careful to point out, need not be blatant lies — they can be, and most often are, the subtle deformations of reality in which a sapling of truth is grafted onto a robust trunk of [private] interpretation to produce a bramble of pseudo-reality. We can resist bringing our pseudo reality to the cross and laying it down because that’s all we have and we fear that if we give that up we shall die. The truth is we will. But in rising again in Jesus we will begin to live in spirit, truth and life in a measure of sonship that has no limits.

For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them’ Matt 25.29 NIV.


Indeed there are Believers who are exposed to truth who cannot comprehend or receive the words of truth because the lens through which they are observing these truths is a fictitious ideology – a bent gospel that they received from their parents and which they have embraced themselves – as though their lives depend on it. But here’s the problem as Eleanor Roosevelt observed,

“When you adopt the standards and the values of someone else, you surrender your own integrity [and] become, to the extent of your surrender, less of a human being.” We also promote less of a kingdom because we are sustained by less of a gospel.

This SHRINKING OF THE SELF is what it means to lose what you have or worse, never to gain what you could have had. THE TREASURE IN THE FIED THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN YOURS. This is the inheritance that would have been yours had you indeed been born again out of your old covenant thinking into the mode of union with God that is His Kingdom. Lippmann concludes, ‘In truly effective thinking the prime necessity is to liquidate judgments, regain an innocent eye, disentangle feelings, be curious and open-hearted.’

All is not lost. As Jesus said, ‘When you are born again you will see the Kingdom of God.’