His life as your life



Living in the Spirit means Christ’s Spirit becoming you. This is why theological ‘distinctives’ can be red-herrings and distractions that vitiate our sonship. That which distinguishes life post cross is the undoing of Adam and the replacement of the law with Christ in you.

Paul spoke of ministering in the new covenant because in this relationship with are joined to Father and we are members of the Holy Family. ‘He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant--not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.’ We are competent to minister the Kingdom of God as sons of God because Christ is our life. It may be inferred, correctly, that if ministering the old covenant we are not competent to minister the Kingdom because in prolonging Adam and Moses we are multiplying death. Words on stone produce hearts of stone and souls of wood. Christ our life makes us alive with the spirit and life that flows from the trinity. We are agents of spirit and life

This is the pure gospel of the Kingdom separated from additions and encumbrances that did not come from God and that humbug people’s lives.


In religion we can live a pious and ridiculous life that is a parody of one’s real self. We can be a ‘real self’ in Jesus when we abandon the artifice of religion and live directly in Christ our life. It’s as simple as deciding to do it. But we can maintain ourselves in a web of a lifeless-life in a respectable religious culture of intellectualism and routine. This is the kind of living in which spirit and life is absent despite one’s sincerity and love of Jesus.

We can love Jesus even though our Jesus is not the real Jesus and the life we are living for Him is not His life – but a variation and amendment of the original sanctified by respectability and, sometimes, false prophets. In this life we are never our ‘real self’ because we have not died to religion. We have yet to be raised in the person of Jesus who by the Spirit manifests as us. All Kingdom life begins in the false self before revelation empowers us to move to the real self – if we are willing to follow Jesus rather than stop at the borders of the idol that is our identity. Should we dare to follow we will enter the simplicity of Jesus expressing Himself as you, George and Agatha. Christ in you is the hope of glory. Religion in you is the suffocation of the genuine self.


Salvation is forgiveness for sin but it is more than freedom from sin. It is participating in limitless life. It is you in and the relentless growing into one’s real self – into our glory as daughters and sons. It’s sharing in the life of the trinity – which is the River of life. This life is spirit and life. The alive kind of life that is eternal and infinite.

You have been released and ignited because Adam has been undone and replaced with Christ in you.

“Adam’s rebellion [was] met with an immediate and stout and intolerable divine “No! I did not create you to perish. I did not create you to flounder in misery, to live in such appalling pain and brokenness and heartache and destitution. I created you for life, to share in My life and glory, to participate in the fullness and joy, the free-flowing fellowship and goodness and wholeness that I share with My Son and Spirit. And I will have it no other way. It will be so.” (1)

It will be so and it is so when you say to Jesus, ‘Yes, you are my life.’

(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. Jesus and the Undoing of Adam. Perichoresis Press. Kindle Edition.