His life as your life


The Kingdom of God is better than a belief system and way superior to an ideology. It is the life of God manifesting in you. God’s Kingdom is defined neither by the law or by morality. It’s described by the Family of God living in you, fellowshipping with you and expressing itself as you.

The core of cosmic life is the trinity. This is life itself, the definition of community and the original expression of love and joy. The trinity is the genesis of life and when Jesus came he brought all this with Him and became the Door to humanity’ fellowship with God in this life.

The universe is held together and finds it purpose in the Logos – Jesus Christ the Living word who is the law of the spirit of life. The issue of life is not the law and the keeping of it and never was. The issue for you and for us all is the absolute trustworthiness of God and the genuine sonship of you. This is achieved for all in the person of Jesus Christ.

‘Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent’ John 17.3 NIV.

By knowing Jesus as Jesus is you know Father as He is and receive Holy Spirit to instruct you by the spirit of wisdom and revelation. In Jesus you are joined to your origin, connected to your design and because you and our Father are one you are nurtured and matured in the spirit of sonship. Don’t expect to make progress beyond elementary grade in the law. Abstractions cannot produce life, let alone spirit. With Christ you life incarnated in your being you will continually be more than you are. More because Infinity lives in you and imparts Himself to you. Baxster Kruger observes,

The man Jesus, the incarnate Son, is not an afterthought or an after word. Jesus, the incarnate Son, the humanity of God, is the eternal foreword. The relationship between God and humanity that was hammered out in Jesus Christ is not a second plan: This relationship, this union between God and humanity in Christ, is the eternal plan of God, which precedes creation itself. God has always purposed to become flesh.” (1)

Religion has you ‘working to show yourself approved.’ But you already are approved. You are in God and God is in you. Live from where you have been positioned and rejoice in the grace and the life that is in you.

(1) Kruger, C. Baxter. Jesus and the Undoing of Adam . Perichoresis Press. Kindle Edition.