His life as your life


Ever since I was a small boy I have seen joy in life. No longer a boy but an ageing man I rejoice in the ordinary where the glory of creation and the wonder of being is found in ordinary things like trees and rivers and in ordinary people living out their extraordinary selves.


Humans have a glory that is their own reflection of their origins in the womb of God. Thanks to common grace – the indwelling of God in all - many express the glory of God in their being and in their work. But it is enhanced when we live as who we are as the sons/daughters of God. I have a photo of my wife taken on her recent trip to Cambodia. She is playing a game with some kids in a Cambodian village and carrying a little boy on her hip. There is glee on the face of the child and glory in the face of my wife in simply being who God made her to be.

Of course there is degradation about. And ignorance. But this is why we are the Message of the life of Christ. We are armed with the truth that all humanity has been received and certified into His life that is our companionship with God and real life itself.


I was with Karli Patterson (not her real name) one afternoon in Collins Street in Melbourne. We were catching a tram. In the swirl of the life around us, I remarked on our how wonderful the busyness, noise and colour was. Karli would have none of it. She described it as smelly and gross, which some of it was. But she lived in legalism and does to this day. Could there be a connection between sin consciousness and life-blindness? I believe so.

My daughter has a friend who began life as a non-believer. He told her that he would go to venues and celebrations of various kinds and come away disconsolate and somewhat annoyed. The events failed to satisfy his heart. Later he came to the Lord and the irritation vanished. It vanished because he had become joined to the spirit of life.

In the Spirit of Life we are alive with spirit and life. Significantly the deacons, Godly people of practicality and truth were chosen on the basis of being full of wisdom and the Holy Spirit. Teachability, spirit, life and wisdom are found together. Grace is the Door to understanding and opportunity – and ever more spirit and life.


Whether we are really alive and sensitive to life as Believers depends on what we are believing. In The Power of Right Belief, Joseph Prince unveils the infinite life that flows to us from the truth. Truth is a way, a person and a life – God in us and God as us. Ignorance is not truth. Something is not true because we want it to be. Something is true because evidence supports the statements we make about ourselves and the world. Ultimately truth is true because it is aligned with God because we are in God.

I suspect that we all have to start in unbelief, legalism and religion. We must learn by personal experience that this does not satisfy in order to advance into the second part of life. This is our new covenant union with God. That life can be found in religion is one of the lies of the knowledge of good and evil. Droplets of it can. But rivers of life are there for us in our new covenant union with God.

We have to experience the truth of the lie of religion before we can move on to a life in God. We were made to live in God. We do this in Jesus Christ who lives in us and places our spirit in God. You may be walking around in your workplace on earth but your spirit is in God in fellowship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Oneness is a fact that is real for us when we believe it. Christ is our life. In Jesus we are joined to life itself. Stephen Morrison writes,

Creation is the by-product of divine joy and of God’s desire to be with mankind. Simply put, the Triune God wants us to be. In love, God wills for the human race to exist, and not only to exist, but to truly live in fellowship with Him, to take part in His unending joy.” (1)


‘He wants us to be’. True holiness and wholeness is found in being. In you simply being you. Not just any you but the ‘you’ that is the new creation you as a son/daughter of God. There’s nothing holy Joe about this – nothing religious. You are the I AM of yourself as a son/daughter of God.

People can give their entire lives to the Lord in ministry. They impart religion but what we are called to multiply is Christ our life. We are always sons by definition but only when Christ is our life are we sons in spirit and in truth.

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (p. 18). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.