His life as your life

THE I AM of you is Christ in you

There’s a reason why God is not defined by the law. He is defined by Himself. This self, this I AM is revealed as God in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus is not just Mary’s boy. Jesus is God’s Son and fully God. But it’s the fact that Jesus is the son of God as well as a human being that weaves us into the Holy Family. This makes us sons rather than law-mongers.


We are not united to God by an abstraction such as the law. Nor are we made one with God by clouds of religion. We are one with God because God has reached into our lives and drawn us into Himself. Any device, practice or artefact that pretends to make us one with God that is not Jesus Christ is a
cloud without rain.

The best kind of praise and worship is the celebration of our union with God. Praise and worship songs that assume that God is somewhere else, that we are separated and must urge Him to come with us are asking God to give us what we already have. We and the Father are one and have been since Jesus cried out, ‘It is finished!’


Christ in us manifests in the uniqueness of individuals and cultures. Christ as our life is unified and diverse in the Body of Christ when our gospel is Christ’s gospel and not some derivation or supposed extra revelation. ‘
Other gospels’ manifest as curses and tumours.

The Gospel and the God of the Gospel are inseparably joined together. We cannot speak of one without speaking of the other. Who God is for us is who God is inherently in Himself. The Gospel is not a tool God used to fix mankind, it is the outworking of who God is eternally in Himself as love. The economic Trinity (the saving work of God: God for us) is inseparable from the ontological Trinity (the Being of God: God in Himself).” (1)


So God is being. The gospel is about being, about His being in us an about us being sons of God in spirit and in truth. It’s clear from this quote that a dodgy gospel produces a distorted Christ of the kind of which
Jesus called, ‘False Christs.’ The disfunction of a false christ is that it produces are ‘false us.’ Hidden in a distorted Christ we consign ourselves to arrested development chaining ourselves to our mulberry bush when that which is ours is a tree of life of which we are the fruit.

Living from the incarnation Christ is our life and we are alive. We are the fruit that is alive with spirit and life.

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (p. 2). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.