His life as your life


There is some good reading on the incarnation – as there should be since the incarnation is the big deal of the post cross age. It’s the undoing of the fall and the means of the fulfilment of the original vision of the trinity – the life of God shared with the sons and daughters of God.
The importance of the incarnation was not always known to me. I was raised in the belief that the ‘law’ and the keeping of it is the big issue. That’s not too dissimilar to the notion that morality is the core of Christianity. The trouble is we are very partisan about morality and apt to focus on things that are the most visible and attract the most guilt – leaving social evils un-examined and untouched. Never mind that God has a lot to say about justice and kindness to the poor.
The law is not the big issue and neither is the Kingdom of God a moral agenda. Sure it results in the undoing of degradation but the Kingdom is not an obsession with sin. The Kingdom is a life – firstly the life of Jesus for all and secondly you as the expression of His life. In the post cross age our inheritance is to be a manifestation of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Today I found a chapter heading entitled, ‘Revealed in Us – as Us.’
I had come to the conclusion that each of us are a manifestation of God – potentially before we start to live in Christ’s life and practically once we have agreed with Him that His life is our life.
Don’t be dismayed by the word ‘ontological’. It means belonging in substance as opposed to token belonging. As real circumcision was of the heart, so real belonging in the Body is of the heart. It’s state of being and not a mere notionality. Twelve years ago a pastor friend had shared the belief that all who believe are a manifestation of an aspect of the person of Christ. And we are. We came out of Him by creation and we come into Him by recreation. As a result the people of God living in the life of Jesus are the expression of His fullness as the community of the saints. They are the manifestation of Jesus. This is the difference between the church as an institution and the church as the body, soul and spirit of Jesus. It’s Christ come in our flesh. This is the consummation of what it means to live in the Spirit.
This is why the law is passé and the incarnation is the trinity manifest as the people of God: Life in the Spirit.
Jesus is indeed us. In Jesus we are manifest as ourselves and as sons and daughters of God. Yet in our unique son/daughtership. As a son you are a clone of no-one, not even Jesus of Nazareth. You are who you are as an expression of the Spirit of God. Thus the unity in diversity is achieved that is seen everywhere God is incarnated. We are the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God.
If you have remained in the old covenant you remain in a degree of separation from Jesus – not because you are inferior or not zealous enough but because you have not seen that in Adam and Moses we remain in the separation that was Adam’s normal life. Our beliefs create our reality so it’s important to be aligned with God’s beliefs. Satan undid Adam’s union with God with a false narrative – so it’s important that the narrative we are following is God’s narrative. We call this the gospel of Jesus and the apostles as distinct from ‘
other gospels.’
‘For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart’ Heb 4.12 NIV.
Truth is not always manifest in appearances. Truth is a matter of the heart, soul and spirit. Truth either is or is not in the inner life. Thus ‘truth,’ the Christ who is the Living Word exquisitely separates
issues of the heart. Truth offers discernment with exquisite subtlety and accuracy, penetrating appearances leading to living ways of being a person in the world. This is why the pure in heart see God and those of divided motives see what they want to see.
In the new covenant, in which Christ Himself is our life – meaning that Christ is you – you have a heart affinity with Jesus born of reality, spirit and truth. You are one with Him just as He is one with His Father. This is an ontological union just as substantial as Christ’s union with Father.
In this state you can find yourself activated for God in the midst of the hurly-burly of life, quite unexpectedly. Why? Your heart, your spirit, your soul knows Him and lives with Him on a daily basis. Incarnation is grace par excellence. The incarnation is not Holy Spirit anointing although it is the ground of it. We can have drops of spirit and life with an old covenant mindset but only drops. Living in your new covenant union you emit rivers of spirit and life.
As a boy we used to sing a song with great gusto, ‘Youth and truth for the world ending in the lines, ‘From sin and self set free.’
Youth is your life in Christ no matter what your age. In union with Father you are a son who is forever young. Truth is Jesus Christ, His gospel and the apostle’s teaching. Sin is The result of separation from God. The
free self is you set free from Adam and the law. The free self and the genuine son/daughter is the incarnation of Jesus Christ as you.
The truth of sonship is mystical and the only genuine state of substance.
When you can honour and receive your own moment of sadness or fullness as a gracious participation in the eternal sadness or fullness of God, you are beginning to recognize yourself as a participating member of this one universal Body. You are moving from I do to “We”. (1) Union with God is a state of mind, of believing the truth, of having Christ’s mind and living in God’s reality instead of some made-up reality that is a lie.

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