His life as your life


We can live inside our egg like an eagle who never hatches. Or we can be the eagle who ascends on the wind and observes the earth from a great height. We can choose whether to be eagles or chickens. It’s as easy or as difficult as forsaking religion and assuming Christ as our life.


Genuine freedom and ultimate life is found in the person of Jesus, to be particular - when we agree that the incarnation is real and that Jesus is us. Jesus’ provision for us is comprehensive and vicarious.

To pronounce the name of Jesus Christ means to acknowledge that we are cared for, that we are not lost. Jesus Christ is man’s salvation in all circumstances and in face of all that darkens his life, including the evil that proceeds from himself.

There is nothing which is not already made good in this happening, that God became man for our good. Anything that is left can be no more than the discovery of this fact. We do not exist in any kind of gloomy uncertainty; we exist through the God who was gracious to us before we existed at all. It may be true that we exist in contradiction to this God, that we live in remoteness from Him, indeed in hostility to Him. It is still truer that God has prepared reconciliation for us, before we entered the struggle against Him. And true though it may be that in connection with our alienation from God man can only be regarded as a lost being, it is still much truer that God has so acted for our good, does it and will also act, that there exists a salvation for every lost condition. It is this faith that we are called to belief through the Christian Church and in the Holy Spirit”.
— Karl Barth, Dogmatics in Outline, page 71. (1)


You can, if you will, bolt together an identity and a status by indicating your belonging to your denomination or associating yourself with particular beliefs. But your real life and your real self is not to be found in this thicket of religion. Your real life is who you are in encounter with Jesus.

We might wonder why people restrict themselves to the penitentiary of their structures, given that so many long to be their real selves, be known for who they are and to not be made into something they are not for the advantage of others who are imprisoned in their false selves. There might be two reasons: Fear and a lifetime of brainwashing. But both the latter can be undone in Christ Jesus.

There is nothing that needs to be added to Christ as us. Nothing whatsoever. Any personal devotions we invent or participate in as community add nothing to the fact that Christ is in us and with us. They can be a vehicle of the life that is already within – the trinity in us. But if we are relying on structures to make us alive we are already dead trees.

There’s always a resistance to unfettered life. We saw it in Christ’s Day. Jesus was murdered for being too alive. Yet it was by this stupidity that our own resurrection came about. Jesus entered our darkness and futility, exploding it from within with His resurrection and His life. By living in our person and His weaving Himself into our being we become alive in His life – alive as sons/daughters of God, alive and vital as agents of spirit and life because we are spirit and life.

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