His life as your life


Father’s intention was never that we must wait for heaven for our real self to emerge. His Son demonstrated the living of the real self in the flesh. Our glory is to be our real self each day – from which flow rivers of spirit and life. The ability to minister the unlimited life of God comes less from the gifts and more from Christ our life.
‘To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory’ Col 1.27 NOV. It’s a mystery because it is Christ come in our flesh. The Spirit manifests as you. There’s nothing mysterious about living from externalities and legalism.
It’s important to be born again – but not in a religious sense. Authentic new birth involves the transition of the self in religion to the self in union with God. It involves bringing our ideas, the ideas of our parents and many we have grown up with to the cross, dying to our Adamic life and rising in Christ’s life in God.
Apart from personality differences this is the difference between workers and sons. Sons are alive in spirit and in truth because in Jesus they have entered their glory – the glory of the real self as opposed to the self-made self. Jesus is less interested in our career than in our progress in becoming our real self – the self, seen before the foundation of the world and the self that is you in genuine rebirth and new covenant spirit and life.
In our old self guise we regard the additions, accumulations and pieties as holiness when they are not. In our new self we know who we are, we are certain of our identity and sonship and conscious of our developing glory in Jesus. We advance into the adventure of holiness, disregarding the reproaches of the religious because we know we are holy as God is holy. We live in oneness with Him.
In our new self-there is nothing to boast about and everything to live for.
There is never anything religious about a real self and nothing contrived. When Christ is our life we are not naked and forced to don our externality fig-leaves. His life is us and our person and clothing. This involves all we do, our family life and careers. Spirit and life is a new dimension of us as sons living in the spirit of adoption and authenticity as sons of God.
Having been socialised into religion we may fear to give it up – since that’s all we have. But in Christ our life we have everything. We have fellowship with God and we know ourselves. We are truly alive and we exude spirit and life. The
Church of the Firstborn is the church of the people with real identities.
Captivity in Christ is liberation from the law and the lies of the knowledge of good and evil. “In Christ” we live in oneness with Him – which is distinguished from living in Christianity, which is to live in religion. Unless we are born again we cannot ‘see’ the Kingdom of God. In this state we can imagine we are in the spirit when we are not, imagine we are a son when we are
a slave and think we are of His Body when we are in the body of death. One can live a commendable religious life and achieve things for God – yet never become one’s real self because we lived in something much less than ourselves. Richard Rohr writes,
I believe that God gives us our soul, our deepest identity, our True Self, our unique blueprint, at our own “immaculate conception.” Our unique little bit of heaven is installed by the Manufacturer within the product, at the beginning! We are given a span of years to discover it, to choose it, and to live our own destiny to the full. If we do not, our True Self will never be offered again, in our own unique form.” (1)

(1) Rohr, Richard. Falling Upward . Wiley. Kindle Edition. Loc.167.