His life as your life


Jesus said that ‘He and His Father were one. Of course He and Holy Spirit were one. In His trinitarian unity He had the Spirit without limit. ‘Relationship’ is the nature of God (the trinity) and relationship is the real nature of the creation.

This is the meaning of God is love. The unity, conviviality and joy of the trinity is what love and life is. Thus John announces Jesus as ‘In Him is life and that life is the light of men. By light we mean truth. Thus Jesus was able to say, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life.’ Jesus was not just the son of Mary and Joseph. He was the son of God and fully God. It is in the Christ of God that we personally and the creation is healed of its chaotic selfishness and disunion. Thus Paul wrote that ‘He [Jesus] is bringing all things
together in Himself. Jesus does this because He is the door in which the fullness of God is incarnated into our lives.


We do the kingdom a disservice if all we do is have missions and plant churches. We have not arrived because we have planted another church. The Kingdom of God has arrived when we plant the seed that is the incarnated Christ – the Christ who is our life; the Christ who is drawing all people and all things into Himself.

The incarnation of the son of God in Jesus of Nazareth is ongoing and eternal. There is a human being in heaven at Father’s right hand who is the son of God. And this human being and son of God is in you and all who take His name. This is the Gospel of the Kingdom and it is this gospel that heals each of us and heals the world. As Christians we are more than people who fill a church. We each and together are a manifestation of the trinity.


Often we think of our salvation as simply a transaction that occurred on the cross, and that’s true – Christ took our sins upon himself, particularly on the cross when the sin of the world was upon him. But a deeper understanding, a full biblical understanding, is that Jesus himself is our atonement, he is the one who reconciles God and humanity by being, in himself, the one who brings those two together. So our atonement continues because Christ’s Incarnation continues.” (1)

Jesus is the Spirit of Reconciliation and the spirit of reconciliation come in our flesh.

Jesus is not just busy ‘interceding.’ He is intercession. His life is intercession. In Him we are made one with God and one with ourselves. This year millions of fish died in the Murray-Darling river system. Because of the alienation of the land from man and from God. In Jesus all people and all things are drawn into fellowship with Himself, His healing and His life.


He [Jesus] didn’t just come to tell us that we ought to be better, he didn’t even come just with news that God sort of likes us, he came to say, “I love you so much, I will become what you are and heal that from the inside out by joining it to myself, by cleansing it, by offering to God the obedience that you owe to him but you can’t give on your own – I will do that from inside your humanity.” (2) The truth is that our humanity is inside God and God is inside our humanity.

This is the accomplishment of God that we need to be living in. Not striving to be worthy of God, not making every effort to keep close to Jesus, but to live in and from the union with God that is ours in Him. God is our rest, our peace and our creativity.

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