His life as your life


The normal Christian life is not a religious life – so I should not write that it is. The normal Kingdom Life of priests and kings is Christ your life.

‘When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory’ Col 3.4 NIV. You are to appear with Him in glory every day.

The state of living from ‘Christ our life’ is an affront to self-sufficiency and every kind of human pride. I have known good and sincere people who can make no sense of Romans 8 because they are not willing to accept that Christ is Everything for us leaving none of us to signify self-worth.


For many the vicarious humanity of Jesus is a barrier to infinite spirit and life because they cannot lay down the idea that there must be something they must do as a ‘virtue signal’ – some entitlement no matter how small that dignifies them as worthy of God’s attention and fellowship. As a result they live successful religious lives but remain barren of spirit and life.

The news of the ascended Christ who has this new humanity for us is a challenge to contemporary American [and Christian] life. Because it says, not only are you relieved of the burden if you can’t get there by yourself, but you are commanded to stop trying to get there by yourself. Our idolatry, that I’m the one who achieves, and makes, and creates my life, is torn down by a Lord who says, all of the grace is in me. You’ve got to leave off yourself and find it in Christ.” (1)

Once we do this we are born again into Christ as us. Until we do this we are not. A born again Believer is not moral believer or merely a Christian. She is a person who lives in and from Jesus instead of living from herself. She is a manifestation of the Christ – not as a super saint but as a normal person who is the manifestation of the trinity. This is the normal Kingdom life.

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