His life as your life


How is Christ our life? Simply by asking Him to be all that we were created to be and all that we are becoming. Jesus is the vicarious man for you and the human race. This is grace in its fullness. When Christ is our life we are the church Jesus builds without human hands. We are personally the expression of Jesus and collectively the fullness of Christ. We are the Body of Christ not by Christianity but by Jesus manifest as us. This is the incarnation and has always been the new and living way in which we are our true selves and the true church.


There is no place for the law in the post-cross age. There is the law of the spirit of life which is not Moses’s laws or Christian morality. But it is Christ alive in you being you.

‘By his death, Jesus opened a new and life-giving way through the curtain into the Most Holy Place’

Heb 10.20 NIV. What are you doing in the Most Holy Place? You are with Holy Spirit and Christ and you and Father are one.

The gifts of the Spirit and the so called Spirit-filled life have faint meaning without this. The anointing flows from our union with God and from the Spirit of Sonship. Everything does. The Spirit without limit is a function of our new covenant life. To bolt Holy Spirit and the gifts onto an old covenant separationist mode of being is unfortunate and a vanity. It’s like planting a passion fruit on concrete.


It's possible to snuff out who we could have been as sons and daughters. Let’s get in touch with what God gave us through the cross and become sons in spirit and in truth rather than religious conformists. Gregory Boyd writes,

In short, the greatest need of the church is simply to be the church, which is the collective body of people who submit to God and participate in God's eternal love.

When we try to be the church by doing good things, we cease manifesting who we already ready are. The greatest need, therefore, is for Christians individually and collectively to simply stop trying to get life from knowing good and evil. Our one need is to simply be people who are loved for free, who are filled with love for free, and who therefore love all other people for free. Our one need is to join in the dance of the triune God, to celebrate in God's triune self-celebration, and thus to live and love in the fullness of the triune love.”

There’s a line in ‘The Shack’ in which someone says, ‘We were made to live in God.’ We were and we are – already in Him. Live from where He has placed you and you will emit life in all its variety and force.

Gregory A. Boyd. Repenting of Religion: Turning from Judgment to the Love of God (Kindle Locations 1079-1083). Kindle Edition.