His life as your life


Sin has been dealt with by God but neither sin, nor the law is God’s obsession. His passion is that you share His life.
Jesus declared Himself
the liberator of all who were captive to lies, fear, mistaken views of God, animosity towards God, the compulsion to earn God’s approval, a sense of nakedness about ourselves and towards God, human restlessness and insecurity, diseases of the soul, of the body and the spirit and death. Jesus declared Himself the ‘Giver of life to the full.’
The solution to all kinds of un-life is Christ our life. In Jesus Adam is undone. Moses is rendered redundant and self-effort takes the form of resting in the truth that Jesus Christ has already drawn us into His life.
Jesus has presented Himself as life and not life in scarcity but without limits. He never posted a moral agenda but He did present Himself as your life and the life of the world. Christians taking it on themselves to condemn sinners and scare them out of hell and into heaven have missed the point. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. He presents Himself as the life of all.
Our use of a law lens is both misguided and part of the continuing conspiracy to besmirch the character of our Father.
[The question is] “
whether Christ’s death occurred for the purpose of appeasing God’s wrath, or whether it was to heal the human race from the problem of sin.  The conclusion that we came to was that it was for the purpose of destroying sin and healing humanity.  We also concluded that it was a cosmic event which took place in eternity, and is not, therefore, defined by Old Testament types and shadows of sacrifice.” (1) 
Jesus destroys the degradation and evil that is sin by making us one with Himself. Sin is not a self-existent entity. It is the result of separation from God. The enterprise of the trinity has undone this separation in Jesus Christ. God in Christ has made us one with God. In Jesus God has entered into our person to change us from the inside. Christ is your life. He is incarnated in you and His Spirit become you by manifesting in your flesh.

(1) Turner, Jeff. Saints in the Arms of a Happy God: Recovering the Image of God and Man (p. 126). Jeff Turner. Kindle Edition.