Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


We do the best in life when we our roots draw nourishment from good people. If we are fortunate we will have had good parents – good soil for our being and good models for our deportment. If our parents have been open-minded and visionary they will pass this on to us. If they have been fearful and closed minded we may well have absorbed this as our personal reality and be passing this on to the next generation. We can live from scarcity or abundance. We can be fountains of life or streams of foreboding.


Thankfully we are not stuck in a mold due to genetics or upbringing. Whatever has miss-shaped us is capable of being undone. Anything that has hindered our spirit can be neutralised and we can switch to resources that minister life. Our wounded soul can be healed and we can begin a journey of increasing health. Health in its widest sense comes when Christ is our life – when Jesus as the person is known by us as our Friend and lives in our being to impart Himself to our body, soul and spirit.

Oliver Sacks wrote of a man who thought his wife was a hat and a woman who could describe every feature of a book yet remain unable to identity it as a book. There are Believers like this. They look and experience but see and hear nothing that would set them free from their illusions and received indoctrination. Every encounter with truth is rationalised away by the assumptions they have lived in all their lives.

Our mind, if it is operating properly enables us to interpret what we are seeing as it is and with the correct comprehension of what it means for us. Here we have the ability to join the dots, dispense with illusions and act with confidence and certainty. In Christ this natural human ability is enhanced. Spiritual discernment exceeds mere perception and comprehension. It empowers us to separate flesh from spirit. Spiritual discernment prevents us living in religion and making excuses for it. There is nothing so pathetic as the justification of non-life in the name of God. Spiritual discernment separates life from religion, habit from wholeness and the Kingdom of God from the kingdoms of this world.


Since the cross and Pentecost we have union with God. This is our inheritance - the inheritance of the non-believer and the believer. But we must possess it. We can be denied living in the reality of union because we do not know that this was achieved at the cross. Then again we can live in subtly devised religious beliefs that originated as a plan of the Enemy to reduce the potency of Jesus in order to make us a shadow of ourselves as sons.

A good way to have exceptionally poor spiritual discernment is to continue to live in the separation that God has done away with at the cross. Law separates us from God. It was an artefact of separation. Law keeping Believers are exceptionally hard of spiritual hearing for a reason. They live in a mind-set of separation. As a result they are separated from light and truth. For them ‘goodness’ is separate from God and from them. God remains separate from them. As a result they remain separate from themselves. They talk of ‘keeping close to Jesus’ without knowing that Jesus is in them and one with them. Christ our life means that we and Father are one and that as sons we are the living expression of His life and His light.

A most unfortunate phenomenon is the Believer who gives an occasional prophetic word and thinks this is spiritual discernment. He habitually sees the twig but has misses the forest. Prophetic words are not discernment. They are just information. People who lack discernment habitually make misguided interpretations of what God has shared with them.


The light of God is ours when we are living in God. But we can live in separation when we are not separated by having
a separated religious mindset. For example many Believers think that praise and worship brings the presence of God. Actually He is already in us and among us. This is the truth of the incarnation and life in the age of sonship. Praise and worship can draw us in to what already is already our inheritance. It can dissolve the husks of the flesh that too easily cover us. But we need not strive for what we already have in any area of life. New covenant means Christ is our life and that we belong in the trinity and they in us. WHERE YOU ARE THERE GOD IS.

Living an old covenant life in the new covenant age is a great darkness. It is living in separation when the reality that belongs to us is union with Christ and oneness with our Father. Live in the union that is yours and you live in the light. You see increasingly as Jesus does. Here the gifts of prophecy and other modes of hearing God are grounded in the reality of our union with Father rather than in a fantasy of religiosity. Here, one with God and part of Him as a son you will represent Him by being yourself. You can be the continual expression of Christ simply by believing the fact that YOU ARE.

‘For we are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing’ 2 Cor 2.15 NIV.

This is not grounds for arrogance or pride. It means a simple and humble reliance on Jesus as your life, living in your fellowship with the trinity and the awareness that the Christ who is in you and expressing Himself as you will be doing so in the community of those for whom He is life. If Christ is your life you will know it and you will know those in whom He is expressing Himself. We can be fully alive in Christ. Yet the fullness of Christ is expressed through all of us. This is the church Jesus builds without human hands.

With a personal Jesus we can live life to the full. He joins us to the life of heaven.
‘I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing’ John 15,5 NIV. One with God we release the life of heaven into earth. Our life in Jesus gives us the life of the trinity in each other. In this fullness we are fruit that is spirit and life.