His life as your life


We have this treasure in jars of clay. What treasure? The treasure that is the trinity woven into our being and our being woven into the trinity. God is not a generality and we are not in God amorphously. We fellowship with God personally and are always indwelt by and companions with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is way ahead of a philosophy, an ideology or Christian belief system plus the gifts. It’s a state of being called the sons of God.

There are some things we need to understand in order to be fully alive.

1. Those whose life is Christ are more spiritual that those with a compartmentalised religious routine made up of holy times and holy places.

2. A church routine as a relationship with God can have but one result: A stagnant self.

3. Spirituality is not us doing good things. It is God expressing Himself as us.

4. In Christ God has removed all forms of separation and made us one with Himself.

The above is an expression of our inheritance – union with God rather than the performance of religion.

Francois Du Toit writes, “God’s love dream for the entire cosmos fulfilled in Christ, beats humanity’s best guess and most eloquent aspirations to live life confined to their sincere efforts to overcome the “devil” and promote their chances to win the attention and possible approval of a moody deity, hiding out there in outer space somewhere!

The gospel celebrates the amazing and genius-initiative of the triune God to rebirth the fallen mindset of mankind; we are given the grace to discover the mystery of the incarnation as we witness scripture fulfilled in Christ, the image and likeness of the invisible God of Creation; both their image unveiled in human form as well as their likeness in the dance of their triune oneness, mirrored in us! Tangible human life gives ultimate context to salvation! Just as the man Jesus Christ can never distract from God the Father and the Holy Spirit, the incarnation celebrates our eternal union, where the one reveals the other (John 14:20)!” (1)

There are versions of the gospel that are the spirit of slavery instead of the spirit of sonship.

You have an eternal union with God not because you have done something but because God has done all that needs to be done in Christ. ‘Christ our life’ consists in living in what we have been given and being who we are rather than reliving the fall. That is re-living the fall in striving to overcome the separation from God that we no longer have. Or reviving the fall by undoing our inheritance and withdrawing back to the old covenant and the law in a riot of mistaken religiosity.

(1) In Crowder, John. Cosmos Reborn : Happy Theology on the New Creation . Sons of Thunder Ministries & Publications - Digital version by Ten10 Ebooks. Kindle Edition.