His life as your life


Christ is for us and in us. He ‘is us’ towards God, to ourselves and towards each other. In Jesus we are the church of God from Adam onwards. In Jesus we are in the Spirit and in the Family of God being drawn into the fellowship of the trinity to enjoy their company in everyday life. We are included in His alpha and omega and we are made meaningful and real in His person. In Jesus you have dignity and agency to accomplish work that is filled with spirit and life.

Thomas Torrance quoting Athanasius writes of Jesus Christ, “For their sakes I sanctify myself, that they may be sanctified in the truth’. ‘I, being the Father’s Word, give to myself become man, the Spirit, and myself, become man, do I sanctify in him, that henceforth in me, who am the truth (for “thy Word is truth”) all may be sanctified. If, then, for our sakes he sanctified himself, and does this when he is become man, it is very clear that the coming of the Spirit upon him was a coming upon us because of his bearing our body. It did not take place for the sake of the Word but for our sanctification, that we might share in his anointing.”(1)


‘Share in His anointing.’ The incarnation means that we are in Christ and more. By the Spirit He is woven into our being and more. We are woven into the being of the trinity. ‘Being’ is the foundation of us, of the church and of the Kingdom. It is by being in Christ (Romans 8) that we are one with Christ. Now our ‘doing’ is electrified with a stream of spirit and life flowing from the trinity, through us into our activities and projects. This state of being that Paul calls ‘Christ our life’ is the soil of Holy Spirit anointing. Now we have the Spirit without limit because in Jesus, we and our Father are one.

There is no straining and striving here. Just resting in this truth and believing what Jesus believes about Himself and about you.

(1) Torrance, Thomas F.. The Trinitarian Faith: The Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic Church (T&T Clark Cornerstones) (p. 281). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.