His life as your life


There is a way of living that is narrow, restricted and almost immune to reality and its truth. This is the way of the fundamentalist, of the ideologue and of the blind man saying ‘I can see.’ It’s a kind of poverty mentality. It’s not the narrow way Jesus spoke of where one lives entirely from His Person and see’s all as it is and as it will become. To be received into Jesus’ life; to agree that we have already been drawn into Him and the Holy Family is to see the key truth of your life and the universe. This liberates us from the knowledge of good and evil, sets us free from the separation that the law effects on our relationship with God and best of all – releases us from the illusions of religion. This narrow way deposits us securely into fellowship in the Holy Family in company with those who say, ‘I was blind but now I see!’

Actually all have union with God in principle. Those who have it in spirit and in truth do so because they believe they do.


This ‘way’ of the Jesus Lens, liberates us from the illusion that we were alive in the Spirit when we have not exited the letter. It’s the ultimate reality check.

We get to be born again in the genuine sense when we are willing to admit that we are blind and that we need to see. Our powers of spiritual insight grow because we have cast in our lot with Jesus – all our ideas and notions about God; the assumptions we have made about truth and doctrine and the security blanket we have woven out of our self-centred theologies. We have brought these to the cross and declared. ‘I will follow you wherever you take me.’ Once we do this we cease seeing through a glass darkly.


Richard Rohr writes, “
There is a kind of knowing, a kind of powerful conviction, that comes from spiritual emptiness. It comes from letting go and living out of the beginner's mind. We call this knowing "faith." It is a very spacious way to live because it alone can include the contradictions. Faith is the only way of knowing that is patient with also not knowing.” (In Everything Belongs).

This beginning again from a position of
not knowing, is what it means to be born again. Done with the first part of life we can move on to the second in which we are sons in spirit and in truth because we and Father are one.

New birth is largely a transition from a false identity and a false self into an identity that is exclusively Jesus. Us in Jesus. Jesus in us. Jesus as us.