Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


The new covenant is Christ’s resurrection alive in you. There is nothing prophetic about old covenant ministry. It is revisionist, innately Adamic and steeped in the fall with an obsession with maintaining the status quo. What is this status and this quo? It is the drive to be like God from a position of separation – to strain after a God even though all of Him is ours and all that is us has been positioned already in Him.


In Ancient times Baal worship has managed to deify human flesh. Similar to some of the leanings among American evangelicals, ancient Israel had melded the worship of God with the worship of Baal. Yet we should not imagine that this spiritual pollution is only about material well-being. It is the continuation of the notion that God is not enough, cannot be fully trusted so we must add in a tincture of our own flesh and make a virtue of carnality. Not open carnality of course. But the subtle religious carnality of the law melded to Jesus. In another context this has been called the ‘
one ring that binds them all.’

Many traditions are not prophetic. Merely traditional, they are clubs of conformity and merchants of externality. Some attempt revival by adding the Holy Spirit like a super-charger to their law-riddled old covenant engine. Nothing prophetic about this. It’s the same old, same old. It lasts for a time before fading because it has no root – no root because it seeks to maintain itself in the Adamic separation of old covenant existence - but with Jesus’ help. But Jesus lives to enliven what He has done at the cross. Not what once sufficed. Not what had been put in place as a stop-gap to lead to Christ and prepare the way for the incarnation of the trinity in all who believe.

The genuinely prophetic draws and propels us beyond our fences and contrived artificial identities into the new thing God did in the cross and the new covenant. It undoes the darkness that binds by binding us exclusively to Jesus.

A cloud of darkness, which is a cloud of death, can be seen in the Spirit around stubborn resistors of old covenant light. What is the light? God made our life His and His life our own. He is our life in Jesus. We are the life and light of God when Jesus is our life. The life of God in His fullness in Jesus is ours when we embrace the gift of His incarnation. Richard Rohr has some poignant things to say about the marketing of old religion; about adding a dob of Holy Spirit to innately flawed beliefs and futile usages.


The trouble is, all of us still believe in the dirty rotten system. As long as we believe in the dirty rotten system, we're going to have problems. For we don't question it. We think we can genuflect before the system but go say our private prayers. [ or retain our little perspective] But it won't work. There is probably no one more truly radical than real persons of prayer because they are beholden to no ideology or economic system, but only to God. Both church and state are honestly threatened by true mystics. They can't be bought off because their rewards are elsewhere.”

God and His friends can rely on any person who is not a system person. They will not be a party to placing the system above God or the spin of putting about the illusion that the system and Jesus is the same thing. They are the pure in heart. Their loyalty is not diluted by other husbands, or two masters. As a result they see God. They discern the Kingdom and what is not the Kingdom. They can see the difference between wheat and tares. They are the prophetic watchmen of the Kingdom; the Elijah’s who oppose the Jezebel spirit. They are thE hope of spiritual Israel.