His life as your life


Bradley Jersak writes, “Fear-based faith (a paradox) is the ultimate deception. We need to examine closely whether the devil has been hiding in plain sight - squatting within the very message that we’ve preached. Parasite and deceiver that he is, he found the ultimate host to help disseminate his terror campaign..” A distorted Christianity.

Being among the Body of Christ is not much help if what we have is a perversion of Christ’s gospel.


The ultimate deception is not always disguised in fear. It can present itself as ‘duty’ or as the common Christian ‘contract’ in which ‘I do this so that Jesus will do that’ or as obedience to the law. Or as a moral program or as the seemingly benign but more self-destroying, earning of self-worth through one’s work. Overwork can be the result of the heart’s plea, ‘Will not God and the generalised Other please love me?

God does love you and you already belong.

By agreeing with Father than Christ is our life we gain His (Christ’s) relationship with Father, His forgiveness and His life as our own. This is quite different to attempting a good life because we love Jesus. The difference in His Gospel is that He becomes our life.

A poor man’s gospel is one in which we think that our [god-life] is about controlling sin. Not quite. Godliness is about life and being fully alive.

Concentrate on sin and the overcoming of it and you will not overcome it. Neither will you grow into a well-balanced person who is a vessel of grace* and truth. Focus on Christ. Agree that He is your life and that you have been drawn already into His belonging and His life and you will take on the characteristics of a son/daughter of God and live as a source of spirit and life.

The great Athanasius (298–373) put it this way: “God [in Christ] became the bearer of flesh [for a time] so that humanity could become the bearer of Spirit forever.” This was the Great Exchange. Jesus was meant to be the guarantee that divinity can indeed reside within humanity, which is always our great doubt and denial. And once that is possible, then most of our problems are already solved” (1)


Exactly. Already solved defining much of what we do as redundant. Spend your time protecting and nurturing the glory within that is Christ in you and ridding yourself of the influence of blind leaders of the blind and their ‘kings new clothes,’

The very person of Jesus Christ is expressed as you because in Jesus you have become a son of the Spirit instead of a son of the flesh (Adam). The nurturing and protecting of this inheritance consists of living in this truth, resisting all variations of the lie of the fall and flourishing in the fact that the trinity is woven into you’re your being and that you are woven into the trinity.

* There’s a kind of ‘grace’ that pretends to be grace but which is really poor discernment presented as spirituality.

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