His life as your life


We need the support of a Body of Christ to surround us so that we can be alert and involved in the rest that is ours. The true Sabbath rest – the place of rest and succour for human restlessness - is where we have been positioned by God in Himself: We have been placed in the Fellowship that is God, not by any merit of our own but by the grace of God.

Our work, if any, is to resist and break free of separatist lies that presume to be the truth. Cast off the Body of Death that is false doctrine and a paralysing separatist influence. What is the lie? The lie is any implication that you and our Father are not one.

The fact of our union with God is not intuitive. His grace is radical. It is Him. It is us made one with God. Believing this takes effort and intention. This is what it means to work at our salvation with fear and trembling; to make a conscious effort to overcome the Adamic idea that we must work to clothe our nakedness.


Here’s the thing. We have this union with God. Yet each week thousands of ‘try-harder’ homilies are given throughout the world. Illustrations and out of context scriptures are given that urge people to TRY HARDER. But try harder to do what? To get total acceptance and union with God. But this is acceptance that we already possess?

Jesus urged all believers to lock-on to the reality of this truth. ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. Thousands have never locked onto it and Christian cultures exist that have made a ‘faith’ out of denying this Sabbath rest and teaching ‘try-harderism’ as if this unbelief is ‘godliness’.


Francois Du Toit writes,
Under the law of obligation, doing remains a duty and not a spontaneous lifestyle. So much of religious zeal and energy involves man’s endeavour and effort to do things that will hopefully qualify him to be accepted by God.

But sadly, within the day-to-day experience of most, the sense of distance between the Creator and the creature seems to prevail. Ultimately, man remains isolated through feelings of guilt, inferiority and disappointment, and is left with a vague hope that God will feel sorry enough for his pathetic and miserable creatures to eventually excuse them and still slip them into his heaven one day in the sweet by and by. That is, if there is a God after all. The less spiritual feedback we encounter, the more we become dependent upon programs and structures of religious routine and rituals to at least keep the process going in the absence of God
.” (1)

‘Dependency’ is the engine of the Christian Industry and ‘try-harderism’ is the stuff of the fall extended and prolonged by a Christianised version of the knowledge of good and evil. ‘The Spirit of Sonship’ is the spirit and life of the Sons of God who are sons because they are sons – the ‘I am’ new creation beings set on their new and living way by the Son of God.

(1) Du Toit, Francois. God Believes in You . Mirror Word Publishing. Kindle Edition.