Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Just as one can be a notional member of the Body of Christ, so one can be a notional son/daughter of God. Paul called this kind of thing a form of godliness without power. Power is not only about gifts and anointing. Power is about being sons and daughters of God in spirit and in truth.

I have had a friend staying with me who lives in revelation - lives in this degree of divine insight because he is a pure in heart man who is an uncompromising follower of Jesus wherever He leads.

We should not expect to flourish in spiritual discernment if we are glued like oysters to our pre-conceived notions, the ideas of our Fathers or the theology of our religious community. Seek first the Kingdom of God and you will have the mind of Christ and be aligned with what Father is doing now. Just as Jesus did we have an inheritance in this sphere. We are able to know what Father knows and do what Father is doing. Because we and Father are one. This is your inheritance and the difference between the community of the sons of the slave woman and the free woman.


There’s a huge, revered paraphernalia of Christianity that has nothing to do with the Kingdom of God’s Son. Institutionalism both smothers the simplicity, freshness and authority of Christ and stultifies the new creation by coagulating it into institutionalised worship and churcified burocracies.

We are not alive in spirit and life because we are on board with a religious routine. We are alive when Christ is our life and we are the expression of His being. Every person from the oldest man to the youngest child was born to be an expression of the Son of God. This, in the age of the new covenant incarnation of the trinity in the Believer, is the inheritance of all.


Jesus cast the merchandisers of religion out of the temple and replaced them with Himself in an act that is beyond time and place. What He did on that day was what His cross and resurrection did forever. The gifts of God is not only eternal life. This gift is unadulterated spirit and life springing up inside your being.

Many well intentioned people - including myself for a period of time - imagined that the clue to the triumph of the Kingdom was to find some new and relevant iteration of the church. Not so. What is required is not some new configuration of assembling. We need a new life - a life that many have never had and a life that those who have had a whiff of Him will pursue the entirety of their living. As the saying goes, ‘If Jesus is not Lord of all, He is not Lord at all.’ This is not some ‘worksy’ stipulation. It means resting in agreement with the work achieved by the trinity and allowing them to be who they are in us in order that we can be who we have been reborn to be. Everyone being who they are reborn to be is the church Jesus builds without human hands.

The mystery of Christ in you is both a mystery, a revelation and the realisation of the new creation. A mystery because this is of the Spirit yet the spirit in our bodies and a revelation because we become the expression of our Father as we are fully sculptured into daughters and sons - not in name or piety - but in spirit and in truth.
Here is a prophetic word from Ron McGatlin on these issues.

By Ron McGatlin

‘God is now releasing extraordinary love and power into the hearts and lives of humble servants who are becoming sons for the extreme transformation of the world. I have never before heard God speak with such a tone of desperate pleading. God is not at all desperate within Himself, but the plight of His people is desperate. He is pleading for you and me to

Many if not most Christians have been limited in serious bondage within their own hearts and minds. Errant religious training and godless secular education have blocked their ability to hear and receive the current release of love and power to transform the world.

The deep rumbling in the hearts of many who have felt side-lined and useless is a God given desire to arise in mature sonship and demonstrate the awesome love and power of Christ Jesus. Even those who have been on the big platforms of ¡°miracle working¡± ministries are being touched with inner rumblings of dissatisfaction with the status quo. God is pleading for us to not only dispose of our old religious methods and ways but also the NEW religious ways and methods we may have formed in seeking to leave the old.
Serious adversity will prepare a portion of the masses of people to hear the reality of the kingdom of God. The reality of the kingdom will wipe away their religion and godless secular belief systems. The manifesting of Christ Jesus in His prepared people is the GREAT HOPE of the world. It is the end of all other belief systems and the beginning of the fullness of truth in love healing and filling the hearts of the people. (Col 1:27) (Joshua 2:2).


The dark night of failure of the nations will destroy the false hopes of religion and godless secularism. Many people will begin to receive ears to hear the glorious truth of love, power, and wisdom coming forth in the daybreak of the kingdom of God on earth.
The fresh morning is already arising in the Spirit in the hearts of the maturing sons of God. It is already a new day in the hearts of the Spirit people who have broken free to soar in the heavenlies with God in the fresh morning of the season of the arising kingdom.
The Father¡¯s plead is for His people to quickly throw off past religious and secular coverings and mindsets and to receive extraordinary LOVE and POWER to produce the reality of the works of Christ.

In moving out of our past into releasing the REAL love and power of Christ, we will see many people turn to God in Christ by the Holy Spirit.
Preaching and teaching about the kingdom of God without the living demonstration of love and power will never convince people to turn from their past ways to the kingdom of God way.

Pray with the boldness of the faith of Christ that is within you and watch the reality of God demonstrating His extraordinary kingdom to the people around you. Many will be amazed at what God will do in those with ears to hear and hearts to receive the love and power of God to change the world in this day of the Lord. Demonstrating the miraculous love and power of God will change the entire world one person or one gathering at the time.
‘Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father’ (John 14:12).’

Ron McGatlin