His life as your life


Many of us have learned to think that our task is to read the Bible and then discipline ourselves into putting the principle into practice.

Not quite. Our righteousness is better than this. It is found in His life as ours.

The Living Way to utilize the Bible is to read the text and then ask Jesus to be this virtue in us. Having said this, the Bible is less a compendium of prescribed works and all the description of Christ’s life as our life. Its amazing and unfortunate than so many have thought to make the New Testament into a modern rendition of the law. It’s not. It’s the testimony that Christ is our life.

Faith is great to have. Yet not something we can work up. Sure our faith increases when we see God act but it is initiated and maintained from Him.

Faith .. is not a work, neither is it something we perform. Faith is a gift. Any faith we have is only a participation in the faith of Jesus Christ. We only ever echo His perfect faith. The apostle Paul makes this clear. Faith is not a product of our efforts, it is a gift of sheer grace. Jesus Christ as a man trusted the Father for us. He held onto His Father in perfect trust and dependence. He held fast to God, and lived a life of perfect faith before God in our humanity.”

We take part in the faith of Christ through our participation in Christ Himself.

“It is not our faith that matters, but His faith. We will often quote passages like Matthew 17:2082 and act as if faith is our responsibility. But we have misread this passage for far too long, neglecting to see the vicarious humanity of Christ. Jesus is not saying that we are responsible to muster up faith in and of ourselves. He is highlighting the fact that we have absolutely no faith on our own.” Christ is our life and Christ is our faith. (1)

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (pp. 84-85). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.