His life as your life



This gospel, the good news is the message lived by Jesus and preached by Paul and John. ‘And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come’ Matt 24.14 NIV. It’s not just any gospel. Not a private or partisan gospel, not a perspective but the gospel of the Kingdom.

Paul spoke of Christ our life and Christ in you. John emphasises that the core of Kingdom Life is Christ come in our flesh. He is speaking of the incarnation in which Jesus expressed Himself as us.

There’s freedom and life in
right believing that is never ours when we simply make stuff up. ‘Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved." Acts 4.12 NIV. Bradley Jersak observes that,

1 In knowing the Name we enjoy the full benefits of the redeemed life.
2 In knowing the Name we enjoy the full assurance of salvation based on what Christ has done.
We can ride to heaven in the current model limousine of Christ our life or travel in fits and starts in a
Jowett Javelin.
Our belonging is not just a statement or doctrinal position. It’s a state of being derived from our union with God in Jesus Christ. ‘Being’ is what we have in Jesus Christ. A good marriage is more than a piece of paper. One can have marriage with no content – with no state of being other than two people dwelling in the same house. It is significant that one description of the church of God is The Bride of Christ connoting the fulsome union with God that can be found in a good marriage. So ‘belonging’ is more than an attachment to a proof text.
Bradley Jersak writes, “
What is included in the fullness of our inheritance? Exclusive to the Christian vision is our doctrine of the deification of humanity, which exceeds even the strongest claims of Judaism or Islam. Human nature divinized is part of our inheritance through participation in the divine nature. When you weaken your Christology, you weaken humanity by depriving it of divinization. This was Athanasius’ case against Arius. The lower one’s Christology, the lower the journey of humanity into its teleology into the divine nature.” (1)
Jesus is more than the Chief Law Supervisor. He is God’s life as our life.
We weaken our Christology by making Jesus subordinate to the law and the Supervisor of the law. This all but
undoes what we know as Christianity. Christians can speak of ‘participating in the divine nature’ in a manner that robs our inheritance as sons of genuine content. It robs us by placing us back with separated, barren Adam.*
It’s robbery when we assume that Jesus is ministering the law when in fact He is not. He is ministering Himself by the Spirit into our being – the result of which is that we get to enjoy the relationship that He has with His Father and Holy Spirit as our own. Our pre-fall and post cross status in God is direct union. Jesus expressed and certifies this in
John 17, where He reveals the ‘oneness’ that becomes ours as a result of His at-one-ment of the human race.
Being part of the Body of Christ does not help you much when your faith is one that negates much of your inheritance. Retaining ourselves in the law and old covenant, we are resisting the freedom that is already ours, negating Isaiah 61.1 and suffocating most of the incarnated life of God in us that is ours in Christ. Worst of all we are resisting spirit and life. As a result we can speak of the anointing without experiencing much of it or retaining it for long because we are living in a mindset of separation – a separation that is called ‘the great darkness’ since it is lived in the midst of light.
* Some versions of Christianity are more influenced by Arianism than they are aware.
(1)Jersak, Bradley. IN: Incarnation & Inclusion, Abba & Lamb (pp. 38-39). St. Macrina Press. Kindle Edition.