His life as your life


Our joy in God is much more than mere ‘churchism’, religion or salvation. This joy is belonging, fellowship and companionship of such union that it is an interwoveness of being as well as companionship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Our life is more than ‘everything going well’ in an optimal life-style. We can live in the ordinary, the mundane and the somewhat irritating, yet be alive in the fullness of Christ’s spirit and life. Spirit and life is a state of being that is ours in union with Father.

It's good to prosper but better to be alive in God. The two are not mutually exclusive. However riches in Christ are His life as ours in the present circumstance. The spirit of Jesus manifesting as you and the fellowship of Jesus with Father and Spirit is a wealth that exceeds all worldly achievement.

The companionship that is the trinity is the companionship that is us in Jesus.

There is no companionship in something as inert or abstract as the law – which is impersonal and dead because it is a manifestation of the knowledge of good and evil. The law is innately separatist while the trinity is unity in diversity with mutual love. This is why ‘community’ with an old covenant mindset is a mirage and never a reality no matter how much the ideal is upheld.


You have been delivered from ‘I must do this so that God will do that.’ You don’t live in a contract. You live in God in fellowship with the trinity. You live in God’s life in spirit and in actuality. You are part of the family and ontologically one with God.

You can avoid ‘contractual christianity’ and the religion of the accountant. Our objective and subjective oneness with God is the essence of already accomplished communion and community. Yet it is more than a means of fellowshipping in grace and joy with each other. It is the living way of being with our true selves and enjoying who we have been created to be. There is an inheritance that is ours; a union with God and self that surpasses the routine of religion and the
contractual nature of religious observances designed to secure acceptance with God. ( An acceptance and belonging that is already ours) There’s pleasure to be had and a contentment of spirit that is the expression of our union with God. This is union that is not notional or a piety but the reality of Christ as us.

Christ as us is a paradox, a mystery and a reality in those who believe.


I met a young man recently. I have known him since he was a small boy. He has entered his manhood now and has acquired more than moderate success in his career. I was pleased to see the comfort and ease of his enjoyment of simply being himself. He fitted well into the clothes of his own being. Yet he was not a Believer in the sense of participating in what is already His: Union with God. Like many Christians he lives in imagined separation arising from an old covenant mentality in which separation and attachment to externalities – as if these are the gospel - are the norm.

You can do better. There is an extravagance of joy and pleasure available to us in this life, that comes from the relationship of the self with Jesus. This is where the real self is born and grows to maturity. It is our life in encounter with Jesus and more: The heart of Jesus in union with our heart. Richard Rohr observes that there exists for all – an inheritance – that is a deep satisfaction that can enter one’s being
and become us, that is synonymous with God and life itself.


The True Self, in its original, pure, primordial state, is wholly or partially identifiable or even identical with God, the Ultimate Reality that is the ground and origin of all phenomena.

That which you long for, you also are. In fact, that is where the longing comes from. Longing for God and longing for our True Self are the same longing.

And the mystics would say that it is God who is even doing the longing in us and through us (that is, through the divine indwelling, or the Holy Spirit). God implanted a natural affinity and allurement between himself and all of his creatures. The limited and the limitless would otherwise be incapable of union; the finite and the infinite could never be reconciled into one
.” (1)

You can reject all this and continue in the contractual-mechanical way that you call ‘our perspective.’ Or you can be born again from a half - life into a real life.


But they are one in Christ and in you. Jesus represents you and to all intents and purposes is you. As a son/daughter, God is you and life is you. Sure you are not divine. Just spiritual beings who are kings and priest re-born to reign in life over the Enemy and over circumstance. The
real us is who we are in Christ, who we are becoming as we continue on our journey in the real life that began when we said, ‘I agree. You Jesus are my life.’

(1) Rohr, Richard. Immortal Diamond: The search for our true self . SPCK. Kindle Edition.