His life as your life


It’s a mistake to think that there is any entity other than Jesus that is the Light of the World. Jesus Christ is the full representation of God. He is also the complete and perfect representation of you. In this, Jesus is not some ideal hovering above you that you are urged to copy. Jesus lives in you to impart Himself by His Spirit to become the you that you desire to be.

Someone said recently that Jesus gave us the Sabbath. He did not. He gave is Himself. Jesus is our rest from self-vindication, identity formation and striving to be worthy of God.

The law, as I was taught as youth, is not a description of God’s character, let alone something you are to aspire to. Jesus is your alpha and omega. Jesus Christ is fully God, one with the Father and the complete exposition of His person and character.


As the logos, Jesus represents reality, meaning and purpose. As such He is the light of the world and its light. He is known in the book of Proverbs as Wisdom – which means that with Jesus as our life we grow in spiritual discernment, creativity and enterprising solutions for the challenges of living. We will do better in relationship with a personal Jesus than we will in relationship to Christianity.

Post cross we are one with God and God is one with His daughters and sons. This is why any believing Believer is greater than John the Baptist. God lives in you. God manifests as you by the Spirit.


As sons and daughters we are woven into God’s being and God is woven into our personhood. In a real sense we and Father are one – yet in this union we are supremely ourselves. It is our new covenant union with God that shapes our giftedness in the Holy Spirit and the anointing.

The issue of a Godly life is not the law and never was. The issue is the absolute trustworthiness of God and the sonship of you in Christ.

The supremacy of Jesus Christ as the Representor of all Reality cannot be overestimated. He is all and in all.

“The Franciscan philosopher and theologian John Duns Scotus (1266–1308)’… tried to express this primal and cosmic notion when he wrote that “God wills Christ first of all as the summum opus dei, or supreme greatest work.” (1) Jesus is the ‘work’ in which all effort is alive with spirit and life. When we plant Jesus we will harvest sons and daughters of God.

There is but one gospel, which is the gospel of Jesus, John and Paul. This is the grace of the incarnation that we celebrate as the Lord’s Table. This rite is not about mourning the cross. It about Jesus as us. Don’t propagate revisionist gospels that are a continuation of the disease released by Adam. The gospel of the Kingdom is not a mixture of Jesus and the law. It all Christ and all of Christ as you.

Plant the law and we will harvest dwarves, dead men walking, dead women talking and communities of stiffs and comatose Christians. With the law as our Father we are a dead letter. With Jesus as our life we sons and daughters of God.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Universal Christ (p. 21). SPCK. Kindle Edition.