Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Jesus healed people and raised some from the dead. He healed them to bring them into the fullness of who they were. We heal people in Jesus’ authority today for the same reason – so that they can live in the full capacity of their body and their soul. We want people to be sons in spirit and in truth. Not notional sons or parodies of their true selves.


Jesus makes people whole, which is to say He makes us all we are meant to be. By healing bodies, Jesus was illustrating that life and fullness of life was in Him and that He Himself was the restorer of our wholeness and life.

Jesus restores and ennobles with His own gospel. Never one we have made up. ‘He has sent me [Jesus] to proclaim that captives will be released and prisoners will be freed’ Isa 61.1 NLT.

Jesus was the truth and He spoke words of truth and life. It is His Kingdom that is the fruit of His healing and regenerating life. He healed people, fed thousands with a few loaves and raised some from the dead. All to illustrate that He Himself is our life and that we are made one with Father through Him. In Jesus we have identity, fullness and healing that can be gained from no other place. This is our identity as the sons and daughters of God.


The effect of Jesus’ efforts is huge. We have been made one with God, which means we have been made participants in the life of the trinity. Their unity and fellowship have become ours. Our identity as sons and daughters has been confirmed and placed on a new foundation - our union with the trinity and their union with us. We belong. And we have an identity as sons that cannot be taken away. Not only do we have an identity in Christ. We have an identity as participants in the fellowship of the trinity. As we flourish in the ‘we,’ we grow into the ‘me’ we are called to be.

You are joined to God by the Spirit of God and the physical body of Jesus. The son of Man is a real human being and fully God. You have this general identity as a son of God and a unique identity as yourself – an ‘I am’ who reflects the I AM-ness of our Father.


This is the truth of the gospel and the truth of you. You have an identity in Christ that is the manifestation of His person in you and His Spirit as you. Christ your life is the key to fullness and a real identity. This is the only gospel. We are not at liberty to invent another gospel or revise this gospel of the Spirit back into the law. Don’t revert to the words on stone or the separation of Adam and think this is legitimate and that you can believe what you like as long as you label yourself Christian and claim to be of the body of Christ. ‘Belonging’ in spirit and truth is found in the experience of union - not in separation.

We can stifle our identity in Jesus by trying to manufacture an identity for ourselves in our religious community and culture. Subordinating our identity in Jesus to a status we are seeking from a religious community dilutes our relationship with Jesus, blurs our spiritual vision and smothers our life in the Spirit. It can also enclose us in poor doctrine and immunise us against the arrival of truth. You have one husband who is Christ. One Master who is Jesus and one gospel that is the gospel of Jesus and Paul.

A fully Christian theology and philosophy of the human person must say that human personhood originates in the divine Logos, the eternal Christ, as imitations and reflections of God’s relationship to Godself. We are constituted by the same relationship that exists between the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit!” (1)


The truth is that you are a member of the body of Christ in fact. But what you are in spirit is what your mind believes is truth. This is why the sons of God have adopted the mind of Christ and Paul and not stuck stubbornly to the imprisonment of their own minds. They have allowed Jesus to set them free. We are sons in spirit and in truth when we have the mind of Jesus and His gospel of the Kingdom. Sons notionally when we live in the fish-bowl of our own perspectives and veils.

‘Above all, you must understand that no prophecy of Scripture came about by the prophet's own interpretation of things’ 2 Peter 1.20 NIV.


What we actually are is what we believe. We are one with Christ when we agree that He has made us one, apart from the law and apart from anything. Belonging to the Body of Christ in spirit and in truth begins with having the mind of Christ concerning ourselves, and agreeing with His gospel. Not making an effigy of our own (a false christ), but enjoying the oneness He has given us with God rather than attempting to earn it by additions and subtractions. We are one with Christ and the trinity when we believe we are because He has made it so.

(1) Rohr, Richard. The Divine Dance: The Trinity and your transformation (Kindle Locations 1300-1303). SPCK. Kindle Edition.