His life as your life


God is not somewhere else, not in some other state of consciousness and not captured in specified times or enclosed in Sabbath days. God is in us and with us in perpetuity. In our new covenant union with God we have a Sabbath life. In our interwoveness with God we are not bits of righteousness pretending to be whole. We are becoming whole as sons because the oneness of the trinity is us and is becoming us. We are infused with life itself.

There is a form of Christianity that makes the parts the whole. Unless Christ is our life we will attempt to make life out of iconic behaviours and denominational distinctives – thus rendering ourselves naked - when we are actually fully clothed and declared whole, in Christ’s being.

Certainty, certitude and belonging are ours because the Christ of God who was and is one with Father has given us His position of oneness with Father and more. We are one and in fellowship with the trinity.

In coming as a man, Jesus Christ has enacted the covenant between mankind and God within Himself. He comes as both God and man to establish a perfect covenant relationship between God and man. 

Here the relationship of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit adds a new dimension to this fact.

It is this Trinitarian relationship that enters into our world. The eternal Son of God became a man to live out from within our humanity the eternal relationship between Himself and His Father in the Spirit. This eternal bond collided within our humanity, giving us real participation in that relationship. Jesus Christ has grounded the Trinitarian fellowship of the Father, Son, and Spirit within our human existence (thus making it accessible to us).”

We are genuine participants in Christ and His Family – family in spirit and in truth - when we agree with Christ and His gospel, with Christ and His Christ rather than an invented Christ* and are living as who we are as sons in His communion and fellowship. Here we are members of His Living Body because He has taken us out of the law and Adam’s body of death and made us one with God.

* A christ subject to the law is not God or the Christ of God.
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