His life as your life



Our life in God is not the living out of a contract. If it is it’s a very limited life. Godliness is however our living in the truth of who Jesus is and what Father and Holy Spirit have done for us in Him. Suffice to note that it is neither the law or religion that equates to Godliness and union with God. It is God and God in us that renders us part of the Holy Family. To live in God is to live in personified life. When Paul talks of the law of the spirit of life He is talking of the person of Jesus Christ. So if it’s not in Jesus it’s not alive.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. The day that we enter this realization is the day we have been reborn.


But living out of a ‘god contract’ is what many of us have been taught to do. This has been described as ‘Keeping close to Jesus’ and assembling a package of things we do and do not do to secure entry to His fellowship and His eternal life. This is old covenant and is best described as ‘obey and live.’ It’s classic knowledge of good and evil culture.

In the new covenant we have been made alive to be sons. Jesus called this bearing much fruit.

The new covenant is not a contract. It’s His life as our life by the Spirit which envelops us in the Spirit of Sonship as genuine and not notional sons/daughters of God. One with God we act as daughters and sons because this is what we are. Do we still sin? Yes. But we are in His life and we know this as grace.


S. D. Morrison observes that,
Torrance believes that Christ's person and work (his being and doing) are inseparable, he teaches that viewing salvation/atonement as a transaction external to the person of Jesus causes us to see repentance and faith as some sort of "admittance fee" to grace, thus throwing us back upon ourselves instead of upon Christ.”

To the contrary, Christ our life is our grace in person and in action. Our task is to agree and rest in this reality so that He can reveal Himself too us and continually draw us into the fresh revelations of Himself with which He blesses us. Because Christ is in you by the Spirit – woven into your being, you take on His nature.

In every way, Jesus is life. Christians believe that life is a person - a person that is not inaccessible, not out there and not somewhere else. The truth about God in Christ is that God lives in you.