His life as your life


At the last meeting of our house church we celebrated the Lord’s Supper or as it is also called the Lord’s Table. I remember reading an earnest piece of writing many years ago in which the writer lamented the lack of the practice and understanding of ‘the sacraments.’


As we celebrated we affirmed that we were not willing Jesus into us by eating the bread and drinking the wine. Our eating and drinking was a celebration and affirmation of the fact that Jesus was already our life, that His life is ours and that we are one with Him in His relationship with Father and Holy Spirit.

The Lord’s Table is a celebration of what is – the reality in which we are living. It’s not a magic trick to overcome the separation between ourselves and God that no longer exists.


In the new covenant age the sacrament is
Christ our life. This is the sacrament – not as a piece of religion but as Christ’s life as our life; as Christ personally in us manifesting His Spirit in our flesh. Thus in the new testament age Christ in us as the sacrament and we are living or meant to be living a sacramental life in which is day and each experience is Christ manifest in Bill and Jean.

In this age our life is “
A life of “adopted” sonship and daughterhood, whereby we share in Jesus’ divine inheritance or are “heirs of the same promise,” the metaphors that Paul effectively uses. I am so saddened that much of Christian history that has read these same metaphors seems to have had so little inner experience to know that it is actually true—and true for them.” (1)


Rohr laments the experience of many that is no experience at all because it is just an assertion and a bunch of religious words. His wish, as is mine, is that the words ‘Christ our life’ are the alpha and omega of a lived experience that is the actuality of Christ as a real person come in our flesh. Come in our flesh to manifest in us, in order
to be us in the world. This is the church built without human hands and the reality of the Kingdom built in the Spirit and manifesting as a real culture and a transforming society in the real world.

In this age you are the sacrament. The sacrament is Christ in you – Christ our life.

Before the fall Adam and Eve lived in a perpetual Sabbath of relationship with God. Following the resurrection of Jesus will live in the incarnation, which is a Sabbath life of interwoveness with the trinity.

Let’s be clear. Jesus is not here to encourage some abstract behaviors or some holy laws among us. He does not mediate Himself into words on paper or words originally set on stone. Neither does He incarnate Himself into religion. He incarnates Himself personally into all of us and weaves His Spirit into ours. This is the Body of Christ and the new creation emerging in the world.

(1) Rohr, Richard. Immortal Diamond: The search for our true self . SPCK. Kindle Edition.