His life as your life


Our life in God is one of freedom and joy. Our life in God is not us being His project. But it is us being God’s daughters and sons. God desires us and enjoys our company. The fruits of the Spirit – which is real is the result of the companionship God has secured for us in His company.

Neither is obedience a means of manipulating God – of getting Him to like us and accept us. Obedience is our agreeing that we have life in Him – that we have been drawn into His life and that our obedience is to rest where He has positioned us as sons in the Family of God.

So it’s not a contract you are involved in. You are not held in high esteem because you singled out one commandment to specialize in or three. You have been drawn into Christ’s Family and made part of His life. The illusion of buying approval through commandment keeping is ..well.. illusory. We can no more keep one commandment fully than we can many. God developed a new and living way in which Christ would live in you and be your life by the Spirit. He has graced you into His presence and graced you with His indwelling life.

You can’t manipulate God and you don’t need to.

Jesus Christ did not change God the Father, and neither does our faith. Before the creation of the world, the Father, Son and Spirit set their lavish and determined love upon us and have never wavered. Out of that eternal love, Jesus was sent to find us in the far country, to lay hold of us, cleanse us of all alienation and bring us to his Father. On the heels of Christ's accomplishment, and out of the same eternal love, the Spirit was poured out upon us to lead us to know the truth-the truth about God and humanity in Jesus Christ-so that we can experience its liberation and life.

Our faith does not alter God in the least. Faith is first and foremost a discovery of the heart of the Father, Son and Spirit, a discovery of the astonishing dreams of the Triune God for our blessing, and of the fact that those dreams have now become eternal truth in Jesus Christ. Such a discovery cannot help but take our breath away and fill our hearts with hope and peace and assurance. The Spirit's witness, when believed, produces the fruit of the Spirit in our lives.” (1)

What is the fruit of the Spirit in our life? It’s that we grow into our true selves; that we exhibit the agency of sons and that we fruitfully multiply the life that is in us and with us.

(1) C Baxster Kruger, Jesus and the Undoing of Adam, Kindle loc. 888.