His life as your life


Baxster Kruger writes, “The Lamb of God, slain by Adam’s race, lives now inside our abyss of shame, and is not swallowed by it: the light shines in our darkness, and our darkness cannot overcome it. This is our hope.”

We create reality out of our beliefs. In the truth.

Baxster is expressing the truth of your life in God and your living as a fruitful son/daughter of God in the world of Everyday. You need to understand this and live from it, if you are mired in self-hatred and despair or in better circumstances.

You need to know it and live in the incarnation if you are a long term Christian who has lived in Christianity when you could have been living Christ your life. ( Jesus did not leave us religion in which to live) You can live this with a quite joy if you know that Christ is your life because you find fulfillment in the ‘glory of ordinary things’. In being one with God, which we are since the cross, we are one with the creation. The various manifestations of this indwelling life will be rejoiced over by us as we live in Him. The earth even in its still fallen state is filled with the glory of God.

George and Mary were waiting for a tram in Melbourne on a busy Thursday afternoon. George said to Mary, ‘Isn’t all the city busyness and colour wonderful! Mary frowned and said, ‘George, how can you say that when we are surrounded by all these smells and din?! Knowing both as I did I knew that George lived in God and Mary lived in the law and religion. If we are joined to spirit and life we will see spirit and life and we will be spirited and alive in every facet of life.