His life as your life


It’s a catastrophic mistake to prefer Moses to Jesus or reduce Jesus to the delivery of Mosaic precepts. It up-ends the cross and extends the reign of sin and death illegitimately into the post cross, kingdom era. Jesus is not among us by the Spirit to give us ‘things to do’. He is in us and to make us persons who ‘are sons’.


Unless we see in the Light of the World, which means repenting of our light, we make a gospel that is not Christ’s Gospel and promote light that is actually darkness, along with life that not life because it is a version of this body of death.


It’s difficult to see well in religion because in this mode we are still living in the pre-cross age of Adam and Moses. Moses was God’s way of aiding the Jews to make the best of a life with Him during the reign of sin and death. Jesus followed Moses as the living way of re-installing us as sons of God in the law of the spirit of life – of making us part of God, not continuing to live as disinherited sons but sons in spirit and in truth. The law of the spirit of life has nothing to do with Moses and everything to do with our being drawn into union with God.

This happens as a result of our God joining Himself to us in Jesus and Jesus joining us to God in Himself.


Whether we realise it or not, to continually to live in the old covenant is to prolong the fall out of its time, extending the fall into the Kingdom era and inhibiting the life of God that God has drawn us into in the person of Jesus Christ. In such a culture it is proper to question if this culture is Christian or some aberration that uses Christian terminology but is of an entirely different order.
It’s a mistake to live in a modified christ that is a version of Adam. Jesus Christ is the One New Man who starts a new race that is the new creation generated by the Bridegroom and the Bride of Christ. This is the new man who is the manifestation of the new Adam.


“Adam was not the authentic blueprint for mankind. “In Adam we can only find it prefigured. Adam can therefore be interpreted only in the light of Christ and not the other way around,” writes renowned theologian Karl Barth. “Our relationship to Adam is only the type, the likeness, the preliminary shadow of our relationship to Christ. The same human nature appears in both, but the humanity of Adam is only real and genuine in so far as it reflects and corresponds to the humanity of Christ.”

Christ is the Original – the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. He was before time and space, and above time and space. He did not bring an end to the fallen Adamic era 2, 000 years ago. The end of the Adamic era happened mystically before Adam ever sinned. The cross was the conclusion of that predetermined act. Adam’s sin was forgiven before he ever committed it. “Before you ever fell in Adam, you had already been found in Jesus Christ,” states Francois du Toit.” (1)

The Gospel of the Kingdom is better than most people think and certainly better than the rusted on legalist thinks. The gospel of the latter is no gospel at all.

(1) Crowder, John. Cosmos Reborn: Happy Theology on the New Creation. Sons of Thunder Ministries & Publications - Digital version by Ten10 Ebooks. Kindle Edition.