Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


Soon new year will be upon us - a year of new opportunities and new birth. Or the treadmill of the same old stuff. What we do will determine whether we just exist or enter life to the full.

This post has been prompted by the account of a man’s return to faith in God. I read it in the Boxing Day edition of  The Melbourne Age.  For many of us - those who really are born again and not just born from secularism into religion - our advance from a mere human being to a son/daughter of God begins when we embrace Jesus’ life as our life. This birth and resurrection means the  jettison of any distorted ‘God impressions’ that have suffocated our humanity and dimmed who God really is. The views that rightly repelled the author of the Age article are gibberish and humbug. Yet are the kinds of lies so often embraced by those who have ceded their spiritual quality of life to those who are not spiritual and who cannot see.


Our enlightenment advances apace once we embrace The Christ as a person and as the Jesus who is both light and life. On the religious treadmill we continue in a coma all our days. When Jesus is personally our life we step on to an escalator of increasing joy in fellowship with God and ever unfolding revelation of truth.

‘But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away’ 2 Cor 3.16 NIV.

The Age writer refers to his own false impression of God and distorted views that are institutionalised, embedded and assumed as truth - yet are really parodies of the real. Paul talks of being a fool for Christ. But there is a kind of foolishness  abroad in some believers that has nothing to do with declaring the truth and everything to do with being naive enough to believe those we should not have trusted.

‘Leave them; they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit’ Matt 15.14 NIV.

The presence of blind guides - of those who have a following but are not spiritual leaders - means that we need  Jesus in our lives as a real person. Reality is Christ. He bears witness to Himself and exposes false christs and distorted gospels. This is why Jesus, the Christ of God must be our Jesus and all false christs rejected. Be done with  

self-made false christs and institutionalised false christs. These are the creations of of religion, try harder-gospels and mistaken perversions of Father’s nature seeded by the the antiChrist spirit.


Jesus’ gospel of the Kingdom grew from His personal relationship with Father. They were one. Our gospel and the truthfulness of it grows from the same place - from our oneness with Jesus and union with God.

So it’s not just ‘a faith’ we have. We need more than ‘a faith.’ What’s on offer is truth. It’s reality. Our inheritance is a personal union with a personal God - none other than the Son of Man, Jesus Christ.

We have the intimacy with God that the trinity have with each other. So let’s not just settle for ‘a faith’ or  generalized God who is the ground of our being. He is. But God is personal and communal. He is in us, with us and we are never alone.

Jesus was one with our Father and so are you. Just live in this oneness. Paul and John lived the same way, which accounts for the power of their witness. They had nothing that we cannot have. All can live in the personal sonship and daughtership that Jesus, John  and Paul enjoyed. This is our inheritance.


Don't expect to be enjoy the enlightenment of God if you are not prepared to go beyond what you have always been taught and led to believe. Others will advance but you will remain in state of blurred vision and poor spiritual discernment.

If you desire the infinite life and truth of God there must be no boundaries where you are concerned, no fences, just an unconditional following of Jesus.

Don’t be one of those who stumbles onwards as a phantom of their real selves because they attempt to add freshly revealed truth to old lies. Our Age author’s return to faith occurred as a result of finding fellowship with a fellow searcher - a person who did not accept the same old stuff - a person who wanted to know God as He is. You will do well with these kinds of people. Particularly will you flourish with friends who have a personal Jesus and the Jesus who is the Christ of God. God can be known as He is by anyone who desires to know Him. He actively reveals Himself to such as these. But God is personal and must be sought personally if we are to know the truth that sets us free. Truth is a Person. God will reveal Himself to you and reveal you to you. He does this when we accept His invitation to ‘Follow Me.’