His life as your life


The new covenant is not a formula or a new version of the law. Neither is it a more subtle formulation of life in the knowledge of God and evil. It is a relationship formulated in heaven and made real in you from the enterprise of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Christ is not only in you and with you. He is not only woven into your life. The trinity have woven themselves into your being. You are part of God which is why we are now sons of God in spirit and in truth.
The quote below comes from Jeff Turner’s book, ‘Saints in the Arms of a Happy God.’ The notion of a ‘happy God’ often affronts religion. Religion can hone in on human notions of God – pomposity and separationism. Religion may draw back at the sight of people attending church in ware-houses and barn like structures in their casual clothes, singing jolly songs that are outright declarations of praise.
Sure worship is a life and not a forty minute praise and worship service. But God is life. He is expressed accurately in Jesus of Nazareth. And expressed today in all who have been received into His life to be incarnated with the fullness of the God head bodily. Not because they have great merit but because they agree with God that Jesus is their life and they live in the truth that He expresses Himself in them.
Parodies of godliness are found in externalities. Real Godliness is found in Christ our life. Christ come in our flesh is Jesus as you.
All of us are already in God and this not of ourselves but by the enterprise of the trinity. Deep life is experienced as we allow ourselves to live deeply immersed in the reality of the heavenly Family where our life is a continual baptism and resurrection out of the very being of God. You can live in religion or you can live immersed in the trinity of God to be revealed in the glory or yourself as a daughter and son in spirit and in truth.
The original lie was that we lacked something in our sonship. The present lie is that we are separated from God.
Christ your life is more than forgiveness for sins. Sure this is the basis of our liberty but the ever expanding fullness of this grace is the personal Spirit of Jesus manifesting through us. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. Neither is there separation between God and human beings. We have what belongs to Jesus. We and our Father are one.
Some find it hard to accept that God likes us; that Jesus does not shun us; that our sins cannot separate us from God; that God loves us as we are and not as we should be. This truth that we are loved and desired by God is food for our souls as well as the way to liberation from addictions and from the shallow pieties of religion. So here is the Jeff Turner quote for today’s post.
I would have suggested that this “Jeff Turner character”, whoever he was, obviously had some secret sin issues he was seeking to find an excuse for indulging in, or that perhaps he was simply seeking popularity by adding artificial sweetener to the message of the Gospel.  I’d have no doubt counted him among what I perceived as being an emerging group of heretics who were paving the way for the “anti-Christ” with their despicable message of a God who was way too loving, and not nearly angry enough.” (1)
Jeff’s witness and teaching is relevant and vital whether we have secret sin issues or are living in open sin and enjoying it – or just living in a religious illusion. We belong whether or not we struggle with addictions or religious smugness and a sense of entitlement. God loves us and likes us. He does not go about being pained and angry. To know Father is to know Jesus as He is and not as we and the religious have made Him out to be. Infinite life is to know God and Jesus Christ who is alive in you.
To see Jesus and to know Him is to know our Father and to know ourselves. C Baxster Kruger writes in his novel Patmos:
“Not God alone, but God and humanity together, constitute the meaning of Jesus.”
I repeated it several times, my whole body shaking as I did. The apostle watched me with delight, which made me proud.
I changed the order of the phrases several times in my mind, then cried out, “Jesus means that God and humanity are together.”
The apostle covered his mouth with both hands, leaning back in joy. Then he cocked his head and raised his eyebrows, as if cheering me to continue. But he couldn’t wait, and all but shouted, “What is the opposite of together?” “Separated!”
Then it hit me. “Jesus means that God and humanity are not separated but together in union! And this union,” I said, fully aware that I was saying way more than I could possibly understand, “is the Word of God!” “That is the Gospel According to Saint John!”  (1)
God cannot be known through the law. He is obscured not clarified in the clobber of religion. God is known through Jesus and through those in whom Jesus lives by incarnation. You can live in externalities and call this your faith. Then again you can be a person who has moved from mere belief or belonging systems to actual inner experience of God. This is you and Father being one. It is you as part of Jesus. It is the real meaning of the Body of Christ.
* Jesus is not incarnated in us so we can do mirackles. That's a bonus. Christ is our life in order 'to be us'.

(1) Turner, Jeff. Saints in the Arms of a Happy God: Recovering the Image of God and Man (p. 7). Jeff Turner. Kindle Edition.