His life as your life


What is the new covenant? It’s Christ our life – which means it is a relationship, so that we should better ask, ‘Who is the new covenant.’ Then the answer becomes God and humanity woven together in Christ. Here are some quotes by Thomas Torrance that highlight aspects of our post cross life in God.


The radical significance of Christ's substitutionary Priesthood does not lie in the fact that His perfect Self-offering perfects and completes our imperfect offerings, but that these are displaced by His completed Self-offering. We can only offer what has already been offered on our behalf, and offer it by the only mode appropriate to such a substitutionary offering, by prayer, thanksgiving, and praise.” We embrace Him and His accomplishments for us – this is our inheritance that we do not leave in the ground. ‘Substitutionary’ means that reading the Bible and then trying to ‘do it’ is not what God has in mind. What God has in mind is ‘Christ in you – Christ our life. This is the witness of the Bible and the Christ incarnated in us.


There can be no more laying of foundations, any more than there can be other incarnations or crucifixions of Christ or rebaptism.” There are no valid additions or subtraction to the treasures released by the enterprise of the trinity. The foundation is God’s life is our life. Our life of sonship is found in the being of Jesus and the embrace of His teaching and that of the apostles. We are not Godly because we did five good things or fifty five good things and abstained from forty three bad ones. We are Godly because Christ becomes us.


One cannot pass without interruption from Christ to the Church. The Cross stands between. In being the Body of Christ, the Church meets her Lord; she does not prolong Him, but she expresses Him here and now. She does not replace Him, but makes Him visible, demonstrates Him without being confounded with Him.” We are the Body of Christ as ‘He is us’. We could read the Bible, study His sayings and attempt to ‘do them.’ But we would not be sons of God and would remain workers and slaves – and not His Body in the sense that He meant it. His Kingdom is not the living out of an ideology or a moral program. It is incarnation – the Christ as you, as the church and as the world.

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