His life as your life


 ‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.

The day we realise this is the day we are born again. We have moved from separation and attempted efforts to be joined to God to all that God desires for us through the cross, resurrection and outpouring of the Spirit. This is indeed life in the Spirit. You have what defines us in true sonship, genuine Godliness and true self-hood. You and our Father are one.


That day” that John refers to in the second epigraph has been a long time in coming, yet it has been the enduring message of every great religion in history. It is the Perennial Tradition. Yet union with God is still considered esoteric, mystical, a largely moral matter, and possible only for a very few, as if God were playing hard to get. Nevertheless, divine and thus universal union is still the core message and promise—the whole goal and the entire point of all religion.” (1)

Many Believers are stuck in old covenant mode with Jesus’ help. This version of Christianity is a mixture of old and new covenant- a Christianised version of the knowledge of good and evil and as such a prolonging of the fall. Others cope with a mechanical law centered mindset in which ‘I do this so that God will do that’. It’s old covenant and the kind of mindset beloved of surgeons blessed with a certain kind of intelligence but not one that joins the dots between the flesh and the mystery of Christ come in our persons by the Spirit.


A ‘Moses’ mindset can pass as godliness when we are we clutch at behaviors that require no Godliness on our part such as Sabbath-keeping or an attachment to a church routine. Most of us are not murderers or robbers. But ‘having no other gods before me’ is more problematic since we continually fall into the trap of making gods of ourselves. of our opinions and of our corner of religion.

The reason we resist grace and the kind of attitude living in the Spirit entails in Romans 8 is because we are not willing to admit to ourselves that we are incapable of being worthy or Godly in ourselves. Resistance to the fact that
Christ and not we are our life makes many captive to the flesh all their lives. Despite their best efforts what they accomplish means little for the kingdom 0ther than to impede it an paralise people in workaholism who are unfortunate enough to come within their ambit.


With Christ as our life we are our real self – never a phoney or a Christian Neurotic. Joined to the trinity a stream of life flows into us to sate our thirst for God and out to others to touch them with the spirit and life that is God in us. Union with God is the soil of Godliness and the guarantee of an authentic sonship for all. There are 1000 ways of being a tare and all of then come from a mindset of separation from God and the consequent attempt to join ourselves to Him by our best efforts.


We can say, ‘All this is too impractical. Don’t we already know this?’ The answer is we don’t and we have been living in this non-gospel all our lives. We can continue our inconsequential efforts, increase our pace around our private mulberry-bush, wear a track deeper into the ground under the tree of our misconceived notions and bury our talent in the ground. Or not.

Some gained ten cities and doubled what they had. Why?

Union with God is the new and living way and the one way of Kingdom multiplication. Our responsibility is to live in what we have. To live from where we have been positioned in the fellowship of God and to welcome the trinity into our lives. We do not have to make ourselves a ‘habitation’ or earn points to become the habitation of the trinity. We are their ‘home’ on account of Jesus. Realise that you, our Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit are in you and with you and that you as a daughter/son are part of their life. As such you will be branch and fruit that is alive with eternal life.

(1) Rohr, Richard. Immortal Diamond: The search for our true self . SPCK. Kindle Edition.