His life as your life


Because you are in Christ, you and our Father are one in the sense that Jesus was one with His Father. The separation of Adam is ended and the union of Jesus with His Father is yours. We are not one with Father in that we are deity, but we are one with Him on account of the at-one-ment and the fact that as sons we are part of God and members of the Holy Family.

‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.


We are one with God as a result of atonement, incarnation, sonship and Holy Spirit anointing.

In his incarnate life, “death and resurrection the Son of God established a binding relation between his divine reality and humankind; he not only bridged the gap between the creature and the Creator but triumphed completely over the separation between man and God due to human sin and alienation.”

It is a grave error and a parody of our inheritance to live in supposed separation when what we possess is union.


The resurrection of  Christ demonstrated the fact that all division between man and God has now been removed in atoning reconciliation through the blood of Christ. Moreover, the resurrection of Christ in body demonstrated that the saving work of Christ on our behalf was fulfilled within the concrete reality of our actual human existence, and in such a way as to set it upon an entirely new basis in the regeneration or renewal of human being in the risen Lord. That was the great message of forgiveness proclaimed at once by the apostles on the day of Pentecost and sealed by the gift of the Holy Spirit in baptism.”


You are one with God irrespective of the day of the week. Your current activity and the building you are in. You are one with god
despite your sin. It is only in this innate oneness that we have been given that there is any genuine self and any genuine community. It is only in Him that we are fully alive.

That which we believe is what we possess. We form our reality from the mindset we adopt. This is why the mind of Christ is crucial to spirit and life and why the gospel of Jesus, Paul and John is better than any revisionist gospel based on a supposed revelation. One type produces sons and daughters of God and the other tares.