His life as your life


There’s no need to live in the human equivalent of a miser. You can live in abundance. Avoid the spiritual equivalent of a scarcity mentality and embrace the fullness that is yours.


‘The Plan’, as Paul called it was and is this. That the sons of God – born of God and redeemed by God are the manifestation of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are connected to them and the expression of them. Jesus’ intention is not to make you the manifestation of a moral program. It is to make you the manifestation of Himself. More fully our heritance is to be a manifestation of the trinity. This is unity and diversity as God – the harmonious expression of personhood. You won’t live a fractured or compartmentalised life from your place in God. Your fellowship here in God, is the cure for all emotional disease and religious neuroses. In Jesus you have entered the fullness of the Godhead bodily.


Life before the fall was more than mere ‘order.’ It was ‘love’ and all that this relationship means as a way of being. Love is life. Live in love’s personification is life to the full. Meaning, purpose and
logos were the expression of love that itself was the dynamic relationship of union that existed between the trinity and Adam and Eve. God, Adam and Eve and the cosmos were bound together in the relationship of love and life.

There was no law, other than the law of the spirit of life, which itself is the relationship that pertained between each member of the trinity and Adam and Eve. There was no point of reference beyond God. There is not today. An abstraction cannot be God. If there were that reference point would be God - since it would be higher that God. This is why an attachment to the law depersonalises the Believer and why the letter kills the soul, the spirit and eventually the body. It is why law adherence excludes us from the Body of Christ. It is anti-christ. The order of the universe is persons and relational. It is love and love is light and life. All that is has its being in God. The physical and social world finds its being and purpose in the life of the trinity.

‘And this is the plan: At the right time he will bring everything together under the authority of Christ—everything in heaven and on earth’ Eph 1.10 NLT. This is the plan that was initiated before creation and that is being put into effect with Christ is our life. Never when religion or the law is our life. Jesus is our life simply by our saying, ‘Jesus, be my life.’ Anything less than this is not a life but a lie.

A human being is a member of the trinity. Jesus came as the logos – fully God and God manifesting as Jesus of Nazareth who was fully man. Jesus Christ was both fully God and fully man. Because He was and is and you are in Him, you are part of God and in Him you are in fellowship with the trinity. Notice that there is no law here. What counts is Christ in you which makes you part of God and God part of you. This is what makes people whole, holy and alive in a relationship of love and purpose. This is what makes us sons.


You are not just a human being. You are a son/daughter of God with origins beyond the mere animal and physical. Your essence is spirit and life- which is why when Christ is your life you re fully alive but when religion is you life you are a kind of husk and not your real self. Just as The Christ is the alpha and omega, so you are an alpha and omega in yourself because you have your being as a son in God and were conceived before creation and insured with the life of Jesus Christ before time began. Jeff Turner puts it this way.

Since the death of Christ was not a backup plan, but something preordained, it always was even before it manifested in the realm of time.  In the mind of the Godhead, therefore, Christ’s sacrifice predated even the fall of man and the entrance of sin.  The cure predated the curse, and the answers were given before the test was written up.  In truth, it would seem that Christ’s work is actually a part of the creation.  It did not truly occur 2,000 years ago, but in eternity.”  (1)

While aspects of life can be painful and difficult, the cross shows that God participated in this epic Himself, redeeming humanity to sonship of the highest order and setting us on the path to enjoy an ‘eternal weight of glory.’ The prize is not only to live forever but to continue growing and flowering as the ‘self’ and the person we were designed to be today. The glory of God is His love which is His ‘Godness.’ The glory of you is to be you.

Your life in God is not some austerity plan. It is a life where our salvation is more certain than we thought, more abundant than imagined and more ‘now’ than we have been led to believe. We can live in Christ our life in abundance or we can live in religion and law as a miser. The key to abundance is Christ come in our flesh – which means Jesus manifesting as you.

(1) Turner, Jeff. Saints in the Arms of a Happy God: Recovering the Image of God and Man (pp. 93-94). Jeff Turner. Kindle Edition.