His life as your life


The result of the cross is that Jesus died for all and therefore all died. The best news is that in Christ all are made alive. The gift of eternal life is there for all. It’s not just long life. It’s an infinite upwelling of life that is ours since we have been made one with God. None are compelled to receive it. All are offered what is already available.


Ministry has two arms. One is persuading people to enter the life in God that is already theirs. The other is protecting the gospel that was handed to the saints so as to ensure that what people believe is the gospel of Jesus and the apostles and not a dumbed-down perversion of it. We can exist with bits of the gospel or flourish with all of it. We may belong to the Body of Christ but we can belong as sons or as slaves.

John Crowder writes, “
When it comes to election and Christ’s work on behalf of humanity, Trinitarian theology is often confused with Universalism by those who are “quick to nullify the Word of God for the sake of tradition…


To recognize that a loving Father identified Himself with us through the incarnation of His Son – as His eternal crowning goal – is radically inclusive. The fact is that God is not a distant, aloof, solitary monad God in the sky who demands human appeasement. He is a relational love between a Father and a Son in the Spirit. He is other-giving love. And it was always His intention to include the human race into His divine family.

In the incarnation, He has forever identified Himself with the human race. He has determined not to be God apart from humanity. The Gospel is not that you invited Jesus into your life, but that He has already invited you into His life – to participate forever in the Glory of this Father-Son relationship. And He poured His Spirit out upon all flesh, whether we realize it or not.”


There is no separation in Christ Jesus. You and Father are one. This is the real meaning of sonship and the authentic version of being one with those for whom Christ is life.

Many claim to be living in grace while clutching at sectarian generated straws that gain purchase with God.
Swathes of Christianity operate in the assumption that we are separated from God and that the role of the church is to operate as a stairway or agent to achieve union with God. It is the common assumption in many fundamentalist and charismatic/Pentecostal circles. Called ‘living in mixture’ by some, it means living in some of the new covenant and much of the old. But what is the truth?

‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV. So let’s be done with talk such as ‘keeping close to Jesus’ which honours the piety of self-effort and assumes separation.

Christ is in you and with you and you are in God. It’s incarnation also known as
Christ come in our flesh and defined by Paul as Christ our life. God is never somewhere else or in some holy day but not on ‘this day’. God is in you woven into your being by the ingenuity of God.


There’s a brand of conservativism that invests itself in maintaining the status quo and keeping things as they are for the benefit of powerful and vested interests. Thus a government can go to an election with virtually no policies other than a rationale for continued stagnation and the assurance to the masses of the same while offering tax-cuts as a pretence of a policy. Thus the government can continue the humbug of doing nothing to deal with embedded structural deformities while pretending to make an initiative with the sop of tax cuts.

Similar attitudes can infect the church. A big noise can be made about receiving the Holy Spirit and the gifts – while doing nothing to undo the stagnation and spiritual disease caused by attachment to the law and the old covenant.

An inheritance is of no benefit if we do not live in its largesse. One might as well be a beggar, which is what some elect to be, even though they are kings and priests. The anointing can make some flashes and a few bangs. But entering what is ours and embracing it – possessing the reality that we have been drawn into Christ’s life and fellowship with the trinity is the real healing and the certain, new and living way of glorifying God and entering our own glory. This is the ground from which the Kingdom grows and the soil of Holy Spirit anointing.

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