His life as your life


All of us, especially all of us ‘religious’ grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. If we are amenable to teaching, this growth in the knowledge of God is the adventure of our life. God is speaking to us through religion – whether it be Christian or Other. It may be that in Eternal Life there will be many of other religions who see the One who they were really seeking for the first time.

All non-Christians are not evil and some Christians are – and these because of the distorted view of God and themselves that they have imbibed. Whatever the case our role as ministers of the new covenant is to present Jesus as the Face of our Father and the One who is the Way to fullness of life today and to eternal life in the future.

Our vision of who God is can be distorted by our own fears, a guilty imagination and bad Christian teaching. The mission of Jesus, along with Father and Holy Spirit is to reveal God as God to reveal us as we really as sons and daughters of God. This happens as we allow Jesus to grace out lives with love and forgiveness and be our life as He lives within us.

Saul was a passionate if not misguided supporter of God. Yet it was Paul who along with John became the greatest exponent of Christ our life. Paul lived because Christ lived in Him – not as a religion or an intellectual schema or belief system but as a person. Paul like anyone who believes the real gospel became the effect of Christ in Him.*

When Ananias, or, symbolically speaking, the Gospel of God’s Grace and Love, laid his hands upon Paul, we’re told that “something like scales” fell from his eyes.  God made the crooked things straight in Paul’s life by bringing him face to face with His grace, which caused the scaly lies of the Edenic serpent to fall from his eyes so that he could behold the truth about God.  From that day on the Father began to educate Paul on His true nature, and Paul went down in history as the greatest proclaimer of grace that the world has ever known!” (1)

We need not be one who goes about chaining people up and having them executed to have scales over our eyes. But we can live in religion, think we are pleasing God and doing a reasonable job as a Christian when the truth is that our spirit is crippled, our soul is sick and we are incapable of teaching words of spirit and life. We can bind ourselves and imprison entire denominations in this way. All because we have not moved from the old covenant to the new.

Saul of Tarsus who became Paul the great exponent of the Gospel of the Kingdom, was an unlikely suspect. Yet he is an example of the great fruit that comes from all who are born again – not into a new form of religion but into the person of Jesus Christ.

* We can live from the law or from religion and emulate bits and pieces of Christ. But it takes Jesus as us – the incarnation to be a son/daughter of God.

(1)Turner, Jeff. Saints in the Arms of a Happy God: Recovering the Image of God and Man (pp. 30-31). Jeff Turner. Kindle Edition.