His life as your life


The gifts of the Spirit as the gifts of the Spirit - by themselves and as a thing in themselves - are shorn of their authenticity and belonging. Jesus reigned in the Spirit because He and His Father were one. In Jesus so are you. This is the meaning of the spirit of sonship: Union with God.


Jesus did only what Father was doing because they were one. He did not need to receive ‘a word’ to only do what Father was doing. He did it because as His Son He was an extension of His Father – distinct as persons but one in spirit and fellowship.

We and Father are one. This is why living in our new covenant union is not an option but the living way of ministering the Kingdom. We can know things and be people of wisdom and revelation because of this. The anointing and gifts may be analytically distinct from the at-one-ment but they are not separate in being. They are the result of it. We operate in the Spirit without limit because ours and God’s being are woven together in Christ.

We have been seated as co-heirs in Christ in heavenly places, high above the laws of the material world. And that material world is longing for us to walk in our true identity within its borders – lifting its lid so that new creation realities are manifest. Yes, the world is groaning for us to wake up!” (1)

As sons and daughters who are one with our Father you are agents of new creation life.

(1) Crowder, John. Cosmos Reborn : Happy Theology on the New Creation . Sons of Thunder Ministries & Publications - Digital version by Ten10 Ebooks. Kindle Edition.