Christ Your life

His Kingdom multiplied through you


One of the fictions of Christianity is that there is a bunch of things people should do and a clutch of things people should not do and Jesus is there to help them do them or not do them. That’s not it at all. ‘It’ is what appears in these posts. That Christ is our life and that it is His life that manifests as disciples. As I wrote yesterday, “Your life is the person of Jesus manifest as you. The life of the church is the person of Jesus manifest through all of us.” This is the Kingdom. It’s what Jesus began. It’s what the trinity lives in us to manifest: Sonship. Moral crusades and rants against certain groups might be ‘Christianity.’ But they are not the Kingdom Jesus began.



How satisfying is it to be accorded membership in the Body of Christ, if what you believe is proper as doctrine is dung?

Why do Believers make a life for themselves out of false doctrine? Why do people follow leaders who are not leaders and become blind communities led by the blind? People can remain attached to traditions that are not true because their parents were so attached and because they see some status in what they achieved and the reputation that was theirs. But they were blind guides with status. They choose to believe that there is some essence here that sustains them - something that bolsters their sense of self. This attachment and near adulation appears to give them an identity. A misaligned identity. It’s utilized to make them – in their own eyes - an authentic human being. They attach themselves like limpets to ideologies and authorities even though these contentions can easily be disproved. Their clinging to them subverts their humanity and incapacitates their souls. As sincere as they may be, they have two masters and two husbands. Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.’ Should we have two masters we only think we see God. We neither understand His gospel or His Kingdom, because ‘not seeing’ has become who we are.


Richard Rohr speaks to this issue in his book on the trinity. He writes, “
It’s no surprise that the Western political notion of the divine right of kings held for so many centuries. We still observe that most people are utterly fascinated by other people they think are "important’ or "powerful." It is as if they have mana, a unique power or energy flowing from "out there" or "up there" – instead of in here. Most people live in fascination of and deep codependency on their own form of cargo cult. The power is always [imagined as] out there and up there. I don't think we could operate in this out-of-body way if we were in vital connection
with the Trinity and the indwelling Holy Spirit.”

Rohr is drawing our attention to the fact of the incarnation and the ‘in-dwelling-ness’ of the trinity in us surpassing externalities of this kind. A few years ago while reading The Shack, I came to a statement that I realized to be true. ‘We were made to live in God.’ This is the essence of personal life and of the Kingdom of God. This is not surprising.

We came from God which means we were conceived and born from the trinity. We are only really alive and whole when in relationship with God. Any item considered to be true is only really true when it is found in the belonging of
being in God. Our personal and collective alienation that began in Adam has been undone by the Second Adam. As a result God lives in us and we live in God. Here we can know the truth that sets us free. The reason so many who believe do not know the truth is that they are still living in the separation of the old covenant. We are dead in Adam. But alive in spirit and in truth when Christ is our life.

‘On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14,20

Our already achieved union with God and fellowship with the trinity, is the engine of our sonship, our uniqueness as persons and our instinct to be in community with others. We are who we are authentically because we have been placed in relationship with God and with each other in Christ. We are truly ‘a self’ when in union with the trinity and with our brothers and sisters. Our righteousness comes from relationship and union as does our life and the ability to BE LOVE – in which we have been immersed. The Spirit of Sonship that glows in us has nothing to do with the law or a program of works. Sonship is found in the interweaving of our being with God and God with us. You are in God because God has put you there. Live from where you are and you will be a son in spirit and in truth.