His life as your life


The issue of creation and redemption is not about the law of God. It’s not about a great controversy between Christ and Satan. The battle has been won – which is why Jesus said ‘Peace be to you’ following His resurrection. The issue is about the surpassing loving nature of God and the sonship that is ours in His life and companionship. Because of this sonship it is about new creation life. We were made to live in God, to fellowship in God’s circle and represent His nature as sons and daughters. This is reality because God has become our life.

The aim and accomplishment of God in Christ is union with God. Not only for us but for the alienated creation.

‘And this is the plan: At the right time he will bring everything together under the authority of Christ—everything in heaven and on earth’ Eph 1.10. NLT.


The beginning of the plan before the creation. It began among us with the cross and was certified by the resurrection. It takes place in you and I through the incarnation – the fullness of God in us. We call this life in the spirit because it is the only genuine spiritual life – God with you and manifesting as you. ‘Now we are the sons of God’ is reality because Christ lives in us to imbue us with the spirit of sonship. With this spirit ‘come in our flesh’ we bring God’s spirit and life to all we touch and in so doing we minister the new creation.

The new creation is not just a personal thing. It is the new and living way in which the world is regenerated through by the Spirit of Christ’s resurrection manifested in the church. The life of the new creation flows from uni0n with God – which is why we need more than sincerity to impart spirit and life. We need what we already have and we need to live in the reality that is Christ: Union with God.


This choice that God has made about mankind, to be God-for-us, originates in the heart of God’s Triune life. God elects man, He choses us in freedom. In His freedom God has decided to include the human race into fellowship with Himself, that we might exist in the Triune life of God. This end is the total purpose of creation, reconciliation, and redemption. God does not need creation, God wants it to be. The Gospel begins with this simple fact: God desires fellowship with mankind! And not just any sort of fellowship, but the same fellowship that God enjoys in Himself. The same love that God is eternally, God wills to share with us and include us in. We are created to take part in this love..” (1)

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (pp. 7-8). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.