His life as your life


Christianity can be taught as a burden or caught as an adventure with God. People can be taught about grace and spend their lives attempting to earn it. The syndrome of ‘keeping close to Jesus’ illustrates the predicament of the Believer who sees Jesus as the means of righteousness rather than Christ becoming us. There’s a brand of Christianity that posits Jesus as our saviour but which leaves us to earn His ‘saving.’


The most subtle variation on the law in modern times is ‘earning Christ.’

Christ is our life because God has made Him our life. Jesus encouraged us with the words. ‘My burden is light.’ It’s light because it involves a decision to rest in His Grace rather than attempt to be worthy of it. Stephen Morrison puts the blessing of our inheritance this way,

“Jesus Christ, the God-man, both demands repentance as God, and supplies repentance as man. He acts on both sides! As God He requires that we should repent and turn to Him, yet as a man He repents for us. This is the good news, not that you must do A, B, and C to earn salvation, but that Jesus Christ has done it all on your behalf. This is grace: not that we must do something to uphold our end of the covenant, but that Christ has taken up our cause and shouldered all the burdens that we cannot carry.” (1)


Obedience involves resting as who you are in Jesus and who Jesus is in you. As the manifestation of Christ you are a son/daughter of God. As the manifestation of some version of the knowledge of good and evil you are less than you are and less than you are able to be, should Christ is your life.

This is the Sabbath rest that our attention is drawn to in Hebrews. It’s a rest that involves the peace and joy of uncontrived union with God. This is your genuine rest for human restlessness – the Messiah who is the Son of God, the In-dweller of You and your passport to intimate union with God in fullness.

Live from where you are – which is in God. Don’t live from somewhere outside God because you will be living in a lie. Since the cross you and Father are one in every way.

(1) Morrison, S. D.. We Belong: Trinitarian Good News (p. 82). Beloved Publishing. Kindle Edition.