His life as your life


Where we start has much to do with where we end up and how much progress we made along the way. Many years ago I was reading a book on Conningham Beach in Tasmania entitled, ‘When the Spirit Comes’ by Colin Urquhart. This was very exciting for one like myself raised in the woodenness of evangelicalism. But the author posed a problem that seemed to be a continual challenge in every revival in which the Spirit came and did remarkable things among men and women. The holy hubbub always faded.

Since then I have seen Holy Spirit work in remarkable ways. But I have seen many fade outs as well. What began with a bang ended up as a whimper. I think I now know why. The Spirit comes to draw attention to Christ. Even Jesus’ miracles where not a thing in themselves. They were advertisements for the life and healing that was Jesus Himself. What is the point of healing and signs? They indicate that Jesus is the Healer of the chasm between ourselves and Father, between the conflicted parts of the self and healing for our inability to love and be one with each other.

So where do we start? We start from where God has placed us. And where might that be? It’s in the company of Himself, meaning in the Family we call the Holy Trinity. There are manifestations and manifestations. The latter are the effect of Holy Spirit. The former is you. As a son/daughter, you are the manifestation of God. So the starting place is not about us receiving Christ. It’s living in the reality that we have already been received into Christ’s life and fellowship with Father and Holy Spirit.

‘Oneness’ is not a new way of doing Godliness. ‘Oneness’ is the way of doing nothing other than living in the fact that God is in you and you are in God.

Col 2:9-10 says – “In him there is all of God in a human body.” The heavens cannot contain him but his fullness resides in human form! God is not embarrassed about your body! Neither does he feel confined and restricted in the human body.

The incarnation is proof that mankind is the god-kind by design! The earthen vessel is tailor-made for the treasure it holds. You are complete in him. Mankind’s completeness is not the goal, but the starting point! Teaching every man how complete he is in Christ presents every man perfect! This is not about religious seminars and lifelong educational programs, striving to possibly and ever so gradually adjust the “nature” of the thorn tree and attempt to remove the spots from the leopard’s skin, but through the revelation of the incarnation we proclaim that in Jesus Christ the rain that has come and saturated the earth to awaken the incorruptible seed of the life of our original design!” (1)

(1) Du Toit, Francois. The Logic Of His Love . Unknown. Kindle Edition.